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Fastrackerz GPS is a Software‐based User‐Friendly GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet
Management Solution Using wireless technology it provides real‐time vehicle/ asset location
Information and has comprehensive telemetric options.
  The modular, flexible and scalable architecture can be adapted to any fleet size depending on
customer needs. As standard, Fastrackerz GPS includes an in‐built map engine with rich GIS
features and comprehensive set of business report.

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Vehicle Tracking Solution with essential accessories
  o   Control Room Infrastructure
  o   Hardware and Software
  o   Communication and Infrastructure
  o   Vehicle Tracking System
  o   Software based application system
  o   Backend integration with legacy system
  o   Vehicle mounting Hardware and accessories
  o   GPS block Box Telemetric System with Communication Interface
  o   RFID Readers and RFID Tags and Trailer Tracking

Fastrackerz ‐Fleet Management System Modules
  o   Dynamic Status Module
  o   Multi Level Access
  o   Administrative Module
  o   Tracking Module
  o   Masters Module
  o   Vehicle Control Module
  o   Driver Module
  o   Report & Analysis module
  o   Database & Maps
  o   Mail Scheduler
  o   Adhoc reports

Benefits of the System
  o   Minimize the paper work & manual intervention
  o   Secured management of the Vehicles remotely
  o   Helps to understand the utilization of vehicles & their productivity
  o   A tool that helps to cross check while making payments to drivers based on the
  o   Trips claimed, Hours on duty etc.
  o   Brings substantial reduction in maintenance costs
  o   Geo‐Fence as a delivery proof
  o   SMS based query helps to know vehicle location using a mobile phone and SMS
  o   alerts
  o   Trip analysis and ETA calculation
  o   Back end integration with customer network
  o   Ad‐Hoc report generator providing unlimited reports functionality
  o   Improved customer service
  o   Automated administrative functions

Security Features
  o   Secured , encrypted communication between the Vehicle tracking device and
  o   Communication server.
  o   Optional dedicated Leased line between the Telco Service provider and the
  o   Infrastructure for the Data protection.
  o   Secured infrastructure when configured using Intranet Network.
  o   Support for Vehicle Immobilization
  o   SMS Based and Email based alerts

Features of the System
  o   Software based system with client component
  o   Authorized person can access the system anytime, anywhere
  o   With the user name & password only
  o   B2B Business
  o   B2C Business
  o   Highly secured data transmission over public network,
  o   Supports any kind of telemetry inputs like Temp gauge, door sensor, impact
  o   sensor, RFID reader, Exemplary Fuel Monitoring
  o   Capacity to store records in case of GSM non availability.
  o   Proprietary Raster or Vector based map rendering Map Engine
  o   Quality reports which can be downloaded as , Word , Excel , PDF formats
  o   Monitoring the Errant driving behavior with close monitoring on vehicle
  o   movement, Stoppage reports, Ignition On etc on the selected Taxis
  o   Close monitoring on Speed Driving, auto triggering event based systems
  o   Trip Analysis and Trip Scheduling System
  o   Application & SMS based Enquiry System
   o Options for Emergency button, backup battery etc…are available
   o Scheduling and reporting on the customized reports

Alert Module
   o   Any time SMS tracking
   o   Over speed alert
   o   SOS (Panic Button)
   o   Stoppage alert
   o   Multiple Geo Fencing
   o   GPS Signal loss
   o   Connection/disconnection
   o   with server
   o   Tampering

Tracking Module ‐ Live Tracking
Real‐time Tracking with every 10 seconds would enable the user to track Vehicle Current
Location. The Vehicle position would be displayed on a detailed digital map. This would be
central monitoring for Vehicles. The system would support multi window map viewing with
individual zoom, pan and other map viewing facilities.

History Tracking up to last 6 months Route Replay
User can perform the history tracking of the Vehicle in the following manner
History Tracking would include the following functionalities:
• Selection of vehicles for Tracking.
• Selection of History Date and Time (Criteria).
• Interactive Map showing the position of the vehicle.
Route Replay is an interesting utility where the user can see the route traversed by a particular
Vehicle for a desired period. This is also a play back mechanism where in events or activities of
a vehicle can be traced.

Map Engine Distance Calculator
We can create Customized layers and switch ON and OFF these layers with a flexibility of add or
remove own data on the maps. This is vector based map engine using high compression for
faster web based rendering, which can Track, Route , Geo fencing, Geo Boundary and Search
options. Map engine is capable of calculating distance in different ranges. i.e. in meters, Kilo
meters etc. with an accuracy of 98%.

Add POI (Point of Interest) Geo fence Module
Added advantage of being able to add points on the fly for those locations of interest like the
customer site, Depot, Office, Plant . This module provides the list of Geo fence and here we can
add or delete geo fence. Geo Fences could be Rectangle in nature. Monitoring of entry or exit
as well as stay within or calculated automatically using these Geo fences.

Driver Module Email Scheduler
This module shows the list of drivers. Here admin can add or delete the drivers records.
The drivers are attached to vehicles and to shifts, where in the Driver Shift monitoring, Driver
Driving pattern can be closely monitored.
User can define the type of report , duration of report that they would like to generate on the
periodical basis and configure to generate this on regular interval and send this report as email
to the user automatically.

Reports Module
 The Software based system will be having various report and analysis module to analyze the
   o data Vehicle Activity Report
   o Customer Report
   o Day Summary,
   o report Summary
   o Report Speed
   o Graph
   o Un‐authorized road,
   o un‐Authorized Stoppage Report
   o Added New Feature: Ad‐Hoc Report Generator.

Activity Report & Location Report
This will generate a report that contains the complete log of activities for the selected Cost
Centre/Asset Group and Vehicle / Driver and for the selected Duration. The reports show the
Location, odometer, and Speed for various Date times. This report is generated for the data
when vehicle is on motion only. This Report Shows Vehicle Location with speed and ignition
status along with the raw Lat and Long Values. In this report the vehicle polling data, even when
vehicle is idle is shown.
Geo-fence Report & Idle Report
This report captures important information like parking area entry/ exit along with the time
duration. This report will display the idle time of the vehicle. Idle time is the time when Vehicle
Ignition is ON but vehicle is not moving. We can generate the report for more than 10 minutes,
30 minutes, 1 hour etc as scheduled by us.

Stop Report
This will display the number of times the selected vehicle stop and the duration. The reports
show the Vehicle, Stop Time, End Time, location and Duration.

Mileage Report
This will show that how many kilometer vehicle has travelled With open mileage/closing mileage with

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