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Posted by admin On December 23, 2009 7:55 AM

Instant web messaging has become the means of communication for many people these days. Web
messaging has a lot of pros and cons compared to other forms of communication and people choose whether
or not they would like to instant message based upon these pros and cons. Instant messaging has become a
popular way of communicating for people of all different ages, educations, and backgrounds because it caters
to a number of different needs.

First of all, instant web messaging is an extremely popular way for people who are bored to pass the time. Services like AIM,
Facebook, and Yahoo, offer you the ability to have friends on your chat list and whenever you are bored you can get online and chat
with any of your friends that are also online. You never know who is going to be online with instant web messaging, so if you really
need to talk to someone web messaging is probably not the way to do it. Many people who need to have a serious conversation but
don?t want to in person or over the phone will do it through instant web messaging. This is not the best way to communicate,
especially if you need to have a serious conversation. Middle school students are especially known for having serious conversations
through instant web messaging. When people do not want to face a hard situation they often turn to instant messaging to make things
easier because they don?t have to deal with the emotions in the tone of voice. It is often difficult to understand how someone feels
when you cannot hear the emotion in their voice. Comments on instant web messaging can be taken the wrong way a lot of the time
because people cannot understand sarcasm, sadness, and seriousness through a computer screen. Sometimes the little smiley faces
can help express these different emotions, but it is obviously not the same as talking to someone in person.

Another reason people like to use instant web messaging is because it is completely free. With instant web messaging, one can talk
to anyone in the world who has the internet and it does not cost them a dime. Often, people who have friends and relatives in other
countries will communicate with each other through this service. All you have to do is agree to be on the internet at the same time.

Another benefit to instant web messaging is that you have the ability to talk to as many people at one time as you would like. It is like
texting except it is faster and it does not cost anything to use. Also, with texting you can only look at one conversation at a time.
Depending on which instant web messaging service you are using, you may or may not be able to look at a number of conversations
at one time. With instant web messaging you can also scroll back through each of your conversations to see what has been said.
Going back through texts is a much more tedious process unless you have a really up to date phone.

Instant web messaging is a great way to communicate with people who are far away and it is also a valuable tool if you need to talk to
a number of different people at once. However, when you are on web messenger you cannot control who is online at the same time
as you and you also cannot express emotion through instant web messaging.

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