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									How to Pick a Climate Controlled Self Storage Facility in Chicago,
Posted by admin On November 1, 2007 5:04 AM
How to Pick a Climate Controlled Self Storage Facility in Chicago, IL

Known as the windy city, the third largest city in the United States is known for its temperature fluctuations. Chicago, IL is known for
its hot summers where 85 °F are not unheard of, while winter will bring a chilling 20 °F. Those in need of self storage solutions
understand that not every facility is created equal, and considering the weather driven temperature extremes, how to pick a climate
controlled self storage facility in Chicago, IL is at the top of the list of things customers are clamoring to know.
Considering that many who entrust their personal belongings to self storage facilities will include items that are susceptible to climate
damage ? think about your vinyl record collection or the baseball cards you have been hoarding since you were a tyke ? here are the
tips you must know:

* Make sure that the facility is close to you place of employment or your home, so you can easily access your belongings.

* Understand the rental agreement and make sure you can live with it. The terms of responsibility should be spelled out in detail, and
there should be a guarantee of climate control included.

* Understand the limitations climate control cannot scale. Do not expect your goods to be stored at exactly 75 °F year round; instead,
understand that while it will take the worst edge off the temperature changes outside, there will still be some fluctuations. Thus, this is
most likely not the best solution for your fragile orchid collection or the bulbs of the rare Dutch tulips you are thinking of selling.

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