Top SEO Myths - Part 1

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					Top SEO Myths - Part 1
And do you ever wonder what the prominent SEO myths are?
SEO is not an easy task and SEO myths are getting wider every year. The
reason is that it's harder to determine which SEO action has changed the
search engine results or in other words ranking of any website. Natural
search results are with SEO mainly concerns.
Almost all SEO is only knowledge and when you join this search marketing
industry, you really have to keep yourself on the top by learning some
resurfacing and analyzed top SEO myths:
1. SEO is not a collection of tricks that can be used to get higher
ranking. SEO doesn't mean that you can fool the search engines. The
algorithms and indexes rapidly change and search engines are being
smartest from smarter everyday.
2. Meta tags should be updated regularly and list whatever you want in
that tag. It helps to get found when searched for. And yeah, not all Meta
tags are important: a few of them are.
3. Many people do believe that you should submit your site on weekly or
monthly basis to search engines but it's not like that. Submit your web
site URL just once and search engines will bother to trace you.
4. A Google sitemap may help you to achieve a higher ranking as it helps
to make a website crawler friendly. But it's also true that it doesn't
guarantee for better ranking.
5. Update your website regularly as it's the factor which increases the
crawl rate. Updations can be done in case they're required as unnecessary
updates may hurt the ranking.
6. The right way to achieve success is don't do everything for search
engines only and everything will be okay.
7. Header tags or H tags can also be helpful to achieve better ranking
but it doesn't mean that you can't achieve ranking without H tags. Use
them as they don't bring any kind of loss however can bring profits in
terms of ranking.
8. Search Engines use algorithms and each algorithm uses different
factors while ranking a website. Keyword density is what that will let
any web page rank higher. A keyword density of 4 to 15 % is recommended
and a too high keyword density will get the website penalized.
9. I think the most economical form of online marketing is SEO and is
very cost effective as compared to sponsored or banner advertising. Keep
it in mind that SEO clicks are free whereas you need to pay for PPC and
10. Many of the SEO guys think that it's enough to optimize the home page
with specified keywords but No. You should add keywords to each and every
page of website while paying a little more attention to Home Page.
11. SEO is a never-ending process and no one can guarantee ranking in
search engine results.
These are some of the top SEO myths or the essentials of Search Engine
Optimization. SEO, as a continuous and never-ending process, may take
some time but it pays off good. What SEO requires - incorporation of
various changes on and off the website and these changes can be made
effectively by SEO professionals only, so think before you fall in some
false hands.
Author is working as a Content Editor at a renowned Web Designing
Company. She primarily focuses on SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Internet
Marketing based articles.

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