Part E - A to Z SEO Glossary of Terms and Definitions by primusboy


									Part E - A to Z SEO Glossary of Terms and Definitions
Part E - Search engine optimization glossary dedicated to the different
search engine optimization terms and definition currently doing the
circuit within the search engine optimization community.
Part E; Search Engine Optimization Glossary terms beginning with E:
Error Page:
You can create redirects from your error page.
You can create customized error page with a site map.
Created for page not found within you site.
Check that you have not thrown away your page by mistake.
Exact Match:
Exact match is the most precise method for targeting your keywords.
Exact match is denoted by brackets.
Exact match is the most targeted option and recommended to start your Pay
Per Click advertising.
Exact match is the most precise method to trigger your advertising
Exclusive Advertising:
Exclusive advertising is fast paced and aggressive.
Exclusive Marketing:
Exclusive Marketing is targeting a precise niche.
Exclusive Marketing is adopting one method of advertising .
Expandable Banner:
Expandable banners are high impact placements that give brands the
opportunity to interact with the offer.
Expandable banners are eye blasters with advertising pulling power.
Expandable banners are placed where aggressive marketing is needed.
Expandable banners are universally excepted.
Exploitation is to utilize fully a targeted advertising campaign.
Exploitation is to market is a certain area using all possible means.
All of the SEO glossary terms taken to compile this article are just a
cross section of SEO terms and definitions currently out their in the
search engine optimization community. As I compile this article I am
amazed by some of the terms and definitions that I am finding.
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