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									Bids, Ranks & Other AdWords Basics
Have you just started your own business? Are you looking to sell
products and services on the Internet? If you are, and you have already
built yourself, or hired someone to build, a website, then the next step
you need to take is to sign up for and advertise on Google AdWords. What
is Google AdWords you ask? It is simply an advertising platform where
advertisers just like you can bid on specific keywords, such as "Ralph
Lauren Polo jeans," and attempt to have your advertisement placed at
preferable locations in search engine results pages.Â
Even though Google is world-renowned for its search engine features and
capabilities, the way it generates income, is not from plain search
capabilities, but from its AdWords advertising platform. Providing PPC
or pay per click advertising, via AdSense, and text and banner
advertisements, Google has been the leading pioneer in many local and
even international arenas.Â
The fact that most people typically go to Google first as their primary
search engine allows Google to better promote their AdWords program. Why
is it so popular? Because there is so much traffic on the search
engine, that advertisers realize, if they do not advertise while people
searching, then they will never be able to attract traffic. Using the
AdWords program, advertisers can purchase or rent "real estate" on Google
search pages for specific keywords and search terms that are relevant to
their websites and businesses. The next time you do a quick role
search, look on the top or right-hand side of the search results page --
you will notice that there are sponsored ads with website links below
If you are ready to start your AdWords advertising campaign, the
following are a few quick tips on how to bid, and how ranking works on
AdWords. Let's say that you want to bid on the specific term "Ralph
Lauren Polo jeans."Â What you have to do now is to insert this into one
of the keyword boxes in AdWords, and put a bid price for this keyword.Â
If advertising competition is high, AdWords will let you know that you
will require at least a specific amount of money per bid in order to
place your ad in desirable locations on search engine results pages
(positions go from first, second, third, all the way down to seventh or
eighth position). The first three positions are typically the most
desirable positions for any advertisement to be placed into. This is
because most people who search on search engines will have their eyes
fixated in these typical locations. Thus, if you would like your search
term "Ralph Lauren Polo jeans" to be placed in any of the top three
positions, then you will have the bid higher for this position per
click. For example, if there are two competitors bidding on the same
keyword that you are bidding on, and they currently occupy the first and
second positions, then if you would like to overcome them, you will have
the bid higher. Google AdWords won't tell you how much you have to bid
in order to beat your competition, however, you will be able to find out
what your ad position is by typing the search term into the search engine
and seeing where your ad shows up.
This is basically how AdWords works. If you like more information on how
you can maximize the use of AdWords, then check out this free AdWords
Tutorial Peter Matriciano is an Internet Marketing Expert who revealed
the secrets on how to improve your marketing using Profit Lance

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