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					Get more followers on Twitter
Posted by admin On January 8, 2010 5:59 AM

Twitter is a popular social network and rising social media powerhouse. If you are marketing a product,
business, website, blog or just looking to network and make new friends, then expanding your followers and
widening your reach is a must. You can find a lot of services or guides for purchase all promising to get more
followers on Twitter for you. While there are some very legitimate services for hire, you needn?t spend a dime
buying followers.

Here are a few simple steps to get more followers on Twitter .

Rule 1: Tweet often

First of all, Twitter is about live web, real time news. Having one update a months or doing a disappearing act will make you
forgettable, and if you have a lot of followers who also follow a lot of people, they may not notice. But if you have followers who like to
keep up with you, they may move on un-follow you if they are cleaning out their list.

The more you tweet, the better, ideally. However, you must also tweet relevant and interesting information, which brings us to our
next point.

Rule 2: Tweet well

If you are going to update your status, try to make it lively and consider it?s worth. Don?t just say, ?dieting for lunch? try to go into
more detail or put more life behind it like tweeting something like, ?taking a break from the 9-5 to find a carb free lunch and dreaming
of a bread bowl?.

You can see that the former tweet example gives more insight into the mind and life of the twitterer. Tweeting real, genuine thoughts
and events will make you interesting. Keep in mind that Twitter is about networking, so you should try to balance real life tweets with
tweets promoting your product or blog. You can get more followers on Twitter by balancing the number of tweets with links and

Rule 3: Don?t spam

If you are promoting your website, product or service there will be a lot more interest if your followers find you interesting. This may
mean that you update your status with inspirational news, what you do throughout your day, jokes, gossip, etc. Finding something to
be known for will help you get more followers on Twitter . However, your updates should not contain links or promos to your product
but maybe 10% of the time.

Rule 4: Reply and Interact

You must follow other people in the social circle you want to be followed by. Interact and get to know new people. Reply to helpful,
funny or inquiring tweets. Replying or dropping another person?s name in a tweet will also draw them to reply or include your @name
account in their tweet. The more often people @ you, the better.

Rule 5: Create Lists

The newest feature devised by Twitter allows you to create lists. You needn?t follow those contained within your list so you can list
people without seeing their updates in your live feed.

Lists can also be followed. So if you create an interesting or helpful list, others can follow your list, will likely follow you ? which will get
more followers on Twitter for you, and give your account more exposure and reach.
Try to make a list that is very specific and unique. Instead of creating a list called ?bloggers? make it more specific, something like
?mom bloggers? ?video bloggers? or another specific description.

All these rules will help you become a well liked and popular presence in the world of Twitter. If you treat Twitter like the social media
and networking tool it was designed to be, you will do well and gain get more followers on Twitter quickly.

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