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									Finding Free Articles Online
Posted by admin On September 24, 2009 6:48 AM

I would never have surprised college research papers if it had not been for free articles online. I was an
English major, so I was consistently doing paper after paper. I have never been good at finding books or
articles at the library, and I also just prefer to do everything online. I could always find websites with
information I needed, but professors always preferred us to use articles because they are typically more
credible, more researched, and published.

I would often come across articles that I had to pay for, but it was only when I found free articles that I really got excited. I avoided
paying for articles online at all costs. If I really could not find some free articles online, I would venture into the library. I do not like to
use the library so much because it is always overwhelming. It is huge and has tons of rooms and just looks intimidating. However,
when I do actually get in there and try to find something I usually do a pretty good job. It is the hassle of just having to do it that I do
not like.

Even if I did use the library to find some books or articles for my papers, these resources were always supplemented with websites
and free articles I downloaded. Usually, I would have to print out the free articles so I could read them page to page, highlight them,
and mark all over them. It is so much easier to read an article that is on paper than one that is on the computer screen.

An easy way we could access free articles was through a web page our school owned called ERes. This was a service that students
could use to find articles they did not have to pay for whenever they did need resources for their papers. It usually did take a long time
and a lot of patience to find the perfect article for my paper, but most of the time I eventually could find one that supplemented
whatever I wanted to argue or inform upon.

I also like free articles because they are not as thick as books and it is easier to find what you are looking for in a short article than in
a whole book. I also find that when I come across free articles that supplement my papers, they usually have extremely rich content
as opposed to books where the content I need is much harder to find and usually not as rich.

I am done with college now, so I am not as concerned with finding free articles online but now and again I will find something I find
interesting in an article and want to read it. Any subject you are interested in or need information on you can probably find in free
articles when you are using the internet. Whenever you need to do research I would definitely suggest reading articles you find online.
It saves you a trip to the library and it does not cost you a cent. I would suggest printing it out so you actually have a copy of it. So, if
you find free articles you like I would print it out, read it once, and then read it again and highlight so you get the most out of article
that you can.

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