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									Ethical Dilemma: negotiating the Nuclear crisis.
Posted by admin On March 8, 2007 1:52 AM

Ethical Dilemma: negotiating the Nuclear crisis.

It is assumed that most readers have at least read or noticed the current international disputes and attempts to diplomatic settle
concerns and differences with the Iranian Nuclear civilian program.

There are certainly some moral and ethical dilemma involving in both sites argues: on the international site, the argument lies within
the international concern about potential military use of nuclear technology by the Iranian government as well as the actual reason as
to why Iran, which is a oil rich country, needs a nuclear program at. Certainly anyone can see the ethical dilemma in those arguments:
considering that the UN Security Council veto yielding members have all civilian and military programs, it seems a contradictory
measure to ask other nations not to have the same rights. Further, assuming that the U.S. lead effort is being publicly influenced by
domestic and foreign interest, illustrates an even greater dilemma the so called lobby influences the domestic politics of a nation
without considering the actual impact on that nation.

On the Iranian site, one may wonder / doubt about the Iranian motivation: the dilemma could certainly lay within the contradictory facts
on the ground, for instance if the Iranian nuclear program was actually for civilian purposes, why was it hidden for 20 years? The
ethical dilemma, one could argue, is the fact that hidden programs in itself may be an indication of inherit unwanted attention which in
turn could be suggestive of alternative motivation. One might suggest that the means to the end was not ethical.

Generally speaking the concept of Ethical Dilemma is not only abstract, it is subject and entirely dependent on the view point of
individuals / groups. Essentially, one individuals Ethical Dilemma may illustrate another persons reasoning for particular action.

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