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Posted by admin On January 14, 2010 7:55 AM

Still paying full retail for the things you really want? If it?s a carton of eggs, that?s one thing. But paying top
dollar for major purposes is for those with more money than sense! The smart discount shopper will learn
how to find great gear, clothing, equipment, tools, shoes, appliances, and more at great savings. If you know
where to look, the opportunities are not hard to find.

To begin with, plan ahead so you can buy what you want out of season. Purchase next winter?s basic clothing needs at the end of
this winter, when they are put on sale or marked down to clearance to make room for the coming Spring?s wardrobe items. Savings
of 30% to 70% will be the norm, not the exception. You?ll save enough this season on timeless basics to have more than enough to
add a few of next winter?s ?hot? garments to your closet. The same principle applies to any category of item you desire, from athletic
equipment, to power tools, to household goods, even automobiles.

Secondly, take the time to comparison shop, from store to store, dealer to dealer, or website to website. If you don?t compare prices,
you might be failing to take advantage of the competition that exists between retailers and dealers. Many dealers or websites offer
multiple lines and models from different manufacturers, so your comparison shopping can be done in one place. The discount
shopper will search out the best deals wherever they can be found, including the growing number of online sites dedicated to

Another way that many buyers are finding discounts is through coupon code sites that provide codes you can insert when making
your online purchase, and which will net you 10% to 25% off the purchase price. These code sites are fairly new and offer discounts
on only a small number of items, but if a discount code exists for a product, they will likely have it.

Finally, choose to shop at auction sites. The serious discount shopper regularly peruses these sites to find the merchandise they
want. Purchases are made from retailers, wholesalers, or individuals, but the end result is the same ? great savings. Simply make
sure you don?t waste your savings by getting too enthusiastic and purchasing items you don?t really need! Knowing where to shop,
and having the discipline to shop wisely, will yield huge savings!

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