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					Discounted Book Sales
Posted by admin On January 4, 2010 10:20 AM

If you are looking to purchase a book, try looking online before you go to the fancy book store and pay
overpriced rates for the same thing you can find online at a much lower price. And, if you use comparison
shopping sites to search for low book rates, you will also save yourself the five or six dollars you would have
spent at the expensive coffee shop.

There are several ways to go about searching comparison shopping sites to find the lowest price. But your approach will differ if you
know the book you are looking for or if you are just browsing.

Luckily, you can find exactly what you wanted or find just what you were hoping to want because comparison shopping sites make it
easy to browse by author, title, genre and even price. Of course, these options are usually enhanced and more efficient if you are
searching on a website that specializes in book sales.

Many websites will sell books, but there are some online resources dedicated to just book sales or sites that primarily sell books.
These are the expert comparison shopping sites where you can find rare or odd books and sometimes even books that are no longer
in print.

Aside from specialized shopping sites, you should also check the website for that large book retail chain with the expensive coffee
shop. A lot of the time, the retail store will have a higher price than their own website offers. The prices online may be lower in order to
compete with those discounted shopping sites that offer such great bargains.

Some retail chains also offer membership cards for in store discounts. There cards are also valid with the store website most of the
time. Although the membership card may cost the price of one book to purchase, if you love to read and buy a lot of books, or if you
are a student, then the membership cost will quickly be recuperated and you will end up saving a lot of money in the long run.

Another great source for finding great book deals are online auctions. Here, you can turn the auction site into your own comparison
shopping sites by monitoring the auction of a few different items at the same time.

When you combine the specialty websites, the retail chain websites and the online auctions, you will have the perfect mix of websites
to compare and choose among.

However, when you are shopping online, remember that you may be subject to paying processing fees and shipping and handling.
You should consider this as part of the final purchase price.

Of course, websites offering free shipping promotions or coupon codes should grab your attention because this will be additional
savings to your pocketbook. Even if the website is not advertising a promotion, you should search online for coupon codes that may
be listed on other websites.

It cannot go without mention that the ultimate book savings will be found at your local library. You can check out books, return them
and read something completely new ? perhaps something you would not have purchased for yourself. The library is a wonderful place
if you are looking for an inexpensive way to keep up with your favorite pastime. And, you will not have to buy another book shelf or
stick another box of books in your closet. In fact, you could donate all those books lying around your house to your local library.

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