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									 PerksCard Network Announces
 Renewal of Safeway Company
Employees Association as Client
PerksCard Network, an Augeo Affinity Marketing company,
is pleased to announce that the Arizona division of
Safeway Company Employees Association (SCEA) has
renewed as a client. SCEA will continue to provide all their
employees in the Sacramento area with PerksCards,
offering them meaningful savings on products and services
they use on a weekly or even daily basis.
“We are very excited to renew this PerksCard program and
continue to build up the merchants that will be part of the
program,” commented Bob Dow, President of PerksGroup.
“This is positive for SCEA and Phoenix area merchants.
SCEA members will keep receiving real savings and the
participating merchants will enjoy increased traffic,
marketing and a way to promote special offers.”
About PerksCard Network:
Founded in 1988, PerksCard Network is a savings and
discount program that employers, associations and other
organizations can offer to their employees and members.
PerksCard cardholders are offered a one-stop shopping
experience, allowing them to view and shop for products
and services available exclusively to them froam local
merchants in their communities, as well as from many of
today’s most popular national brands.
Additional benefits include special promotions through
featured partners, an online mall that provides vast number
of businesses and categories for employees and members
to choose from, and a full menu of voluntary benefits,
insurance, rewards, points and lifestyle discounts.
PerksCard was acquired by Augeo in 2008.
For more information about PerksCard Network, visit:
About Augeo Affinity Marketing:
Founded in 1998, Augeo is a diverse loyalty marketing
company that works with clients to attract and retain their
customers, members and employees through incentive and
recognition     programs,   customized      points/rewards
programs, savings networks and insurance/voluntary
benefits solutions.
With proven expertise in program design, technology,
database design, marketing, operations and vendor
acquisition/management, Augeo provides customizable
and flexible programs that are tailored and managed to
deliver specific results based on each client’s business
Augeo is organized into 4 business units including 1)
Augeo Incent for employee recognition and incentive
programs, 2) Augeo Loyalty for Customer points and
rewards programs, 3) PerksCard for discount partner
networks, and 4) Augeo Benefits for insurance and
voluntary benefit programs.
For more information about Augeo Affinity Marketing, visit

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