Athens _ Sparta by wulinqing


									                                    Athens & Sparta

Name:       Katherine Yaksich                               Section ADO 595            #: 2
                                                             Time: Wed. 12:30

Educational Task: The will study and be able to compare and contrast between the two city-states
                  of Athens and Sparta.
Grade Level, approximate number of students, types of students:
   * 9th grade Global Studies classes
   * Approximately 17-20 students
Materials and Sources: World History text, Elmo Projector, handouts, story, assignment

NYS Performance Indicator(s):

Key Ideas: SS2.1, SS2.2, SS2.3, ELA2. LR1, ELA3.SW2

Performance Objectives:
   1. The students will be able to locate and identify city-states in Greece by completing
         accompanying handout.
   2. Students will be able to improve reading and listening skills by following online story and the
         character worksheet.
   3. Students will be able to distinguish between Athens and Sparta by completing the T-Chart
         graphic organizer.
   4. The students will be able to organize their ideas and improve writing skills by developing a
         compare and contrast essay.
Safety Precautions: N/A
Part of Lesson        Teacher and Student Actions                         Questions.          These can repeat for different parts
                                                                          of the lesson if appropriate. Include both lower order
                                                                          and higher order questions for each lesson. Include
                                                                          questions that indicate you have checked for
                                                                          understanding for both procedures and content.

Launch/Anticipatory   Teacher Actions:                                    1. Can anyone tell me what we are going to
Set/Before               * Teac her will review key concepts from            be doing today?
                           the previous lesson.
                         * Teac her will preview the lesson               2. What are some of the topics or themes
                           activities.                                       that we have discussed in this unit so
                         * Hand out the map and information                  far?
                           handout about each city-state
                         * Teac her will present information about        3. How do we use the Elmo projector?
                           city-states via the websites over the
                           Elmo projector.                                4. Who can tell me what city is farthest
                         * This is a gradual note taking skill, and          North?South?East?West?
                           this step is still basically holding the
                           students hand in note taking.                  5. Who can tell me what basic note taking
                                                                             skills involve?
                      Student Actions:
                          * Students will respond to prompts given
                      by teacher.
                          * Students will repeat what we are going
                      to be doing that day.
                          * students will take brief notes on all city-
                          * students will directed the teacher at
                      what speed they are comfortable at
Explore/During          Teacher Actions:                                 1. Can anyone tell me why we use a T-
                           * Teac her will hand out the Athens and           Chart?
                             Sparta story and the character
                             worksheets.                                 2. Why do we do many smaller activities
                           * Teac her will lead the class in a read         within a lesson?
                             aloud of the story.
                           * Hand out the T-Charts for Athens and        3. What are some of the differences
                             Sparta & discuss directions via the         between Athens and Sparta?
                           * Talk to the students about how all of       4. What did you find most interesting about
                             the work we do in each lessons build        these two city-states.
                             on one anot her for higher order
                             thinking skills.                            5. Do you think the way Spartan children
                           * Break students into strengt h based         were rais ed was a good thing or a bad
                             pairs.                                      thing?
                           * Walk around the class to make sure
                             everyone is working and participating.

                        Student Actions:
                            * students will participate in a read
                        aloud, about the citizens of Athens and
                            * students will fill out character
                        worksheets with information about the roles
                        of people on both city-states.
                            * students will begin to fill out T-Charts
                        form the not es that they have gather so far
                        in class.
Summary/Closure/After   Teacher Actions:                                 1. Can anyone ans wer me what the 6 key
                           * Bring the class back together for a         points of note taking are and relate them to
                             review session.                             the T-Chart that you have just creat ed?
                           * Talk about the similarities and
                             differences bet ween Athens and             2. Can you defend your position about
                             Sparta.                                     which city-state was better than the ot her?
                           * Hand out the assignment and go over it
                             together.                                   3. Can anyone repeat to me what the
                                                                            directions for the assignment are?
                        Student Actions:
                           * Students will come back to the whole        4. Does anyone have any questions about
                             class focus and go over many of the         today’s lesson?
                             similarities and differences bet ween
                              Athens & Sparta.
                           * Students will receive assignment and
                             go over it with the teacher.
Asse ssment                * The students will receive a certain amount of points for each of the worksheets that
                             they receive. Thes e worksheets will be directly relat ed to the learning objectives
                             stated at the beginning of the lesson. Homework will be weighted more heavily than
                             class work becaus e it requires more creativity/higher level thinking questions and
                           * Students will receive participation points for class that day.
                           * Sparta & Athens were the main city-states in Ancient Greece and they were very different
                             from each other, the compare and contrast essay will refl ect whether or not the students
                             understand this concept.
                           * The student’s notebooks are checked weekly to make sure that all work is done and
                             accounted for.
                           * The T-Charts will be able to tell me if the students are improving on their note-taking

Modification for           These students would write their compare and contrast essay using the cities of Megara,
Advanced Learners          Corinth, and Argos. This would require them to do more outside research than the
                           information given during the class notes. The students will also add in one paragraph
                           concerning a comparison to Athens and Sparta.

Modifications for two      * ADD/ADHD
type s of di sabilities-      - These students will be given specific tasks while working in pairs or groups because it
state the name of the           will make them accountable to the whole operation. These students will have a sense
disability here. You            of value and focus if the know other people are depending on them.
may include a              * ELL
modification for ELL.         - These students would receive information already given to them from the website
                                because we may be going to quickly in class to fully understand all of the material on
                                the website. This will give them a head start on the types of information we are
                                looking for.

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