Stop Snoring Surgery: Is It Really an Option? by DouglasKing22


									Stop Snoring Surgery: Is It Really an

Snoring is considered by most to be quite normal.
However, never be misled to believe that snoring is a
normal part of the aging process because this is a
myth which should be dispelled. Effects of snoring
range from simple disturbance of reducing the quality
of sleep of both the snorer and his or her partner to
the most fatal such as heart problems.

Because snoring can serve as a disorder in itself as
well as a sign to other more serious diseases, there
are many treatment options available. Behavioral
modification such as lifestyle change is quite
commonly recommended either as a solo cure or as
an adjunct to other treatments. There are also
alternative techniques to stop snoring such as use of
herbal medications and acupuncture.

Pharmacological treatments have also been
prescribed one way or another. However, the most
controversial treatment for snoring is surgery. This
involves determination of the cause of obstruction
and modifying or removing structures causing the
blockage such as that of the nasal passages, tongue,
palate, uvula, and others. It ranges in invasiveness
from the least invasive such as the use of radio-
frequency energy to the most invasive “ectomy”
procedures which involve cutting and removal of

Stop snoring surgery as a solo treatment is not
recommended. It should only be done as a last resort
if snoring is a symptom of a fatal underlying disease
or if no remedy seems to work anymore in stopping
the progression of the disease such as in a severely
obstructed airway. This is because surgery can cause
severe scarring of the airway which might worsen the
airway obstruction. Aside from this, it is costly and

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