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									Careers in Dentistry
Posted by admin On December 10, 2009 10:09 PM

The practice of some form of dentistry is perhaps as old as mankind, but records suggest that dental
procedures were adopted even as early as 7000 BC. With the evolution of human beings, it has also evolved
and modernized to its present form. It is the science of dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases
and injuries to the teeth, gums, jaws, and the mouth. It also focuses on the prevention of these diseases and
includes repairs and replacement of defective teeth. It is also used as a cosmetic tool to set right awkward
growing teeth and in general, beautifying the mouth.

In general, it involves treating problems related to gums, filling cavities, taking out decayed teeth, replacing lost teeth with dentures or
by implanting new ones, doing root canal treatment and providing braces and bridges. The filling of holes in the teeth is mostly done
with gold, silver, or cements with porcelain inlays. Dentists prevent and control tooth decay by treating them with fluorides. Nowadays,
preventive dentistry is given great importance. Teeth of the patients are examined at regular intervals so that any possible disease is
nipped in the bud.

Career Options
There are various career options available in this field, and one can choose any one based on ones interest and inclination.
If a dentist wants to do solo practice, he can choose either associate practice or solo group practice. The other options are pediatric
dentistry , orthodontics, retail dentistry , endodontics, oral pathology, consultation dentistry , oral surgery, maxillofacial radiology,
cosmetic dentistry , periodontics, and prosthodontics.

Solo Practice The dentist works on his own and needs to take responsibility for planning and managing every aspect of the practice. A
thorough research regarding location, size of the community, number of expected patients, presence of specialists in the area, and
economic condition of the community should be undertaken before establishing a solo practice. Two or more dentists can work
together in a variation of the solo practice where each one performs specific duties and has complete discretion regarding the same.
This is known as solo group practice.

Associateship An established practice can hire dentists under an agreement regarding the emoluments for working there using the
existing facilities, staff, supplies, and equipment.

Consultation dentistry Insurance companies hire dentists as consultants on part-time basis, and the emoluments are fixed on
per-case basis.

Retail Dentistry This type is usually found in large retail departmental stores or practices specializing in retail marketing management,
and the dental services are provided in retail commercial form.

Oral Pathology This treatment involves examining abnormal or pathologic tissues microscopically, diagnosing the abnormal condition
of the tissues, and treating them.

Pediatric Dentistry This type of dentistry is designed basically for children from infants to the age of adolescence and involves the
prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of their dental and oral disorders.

There are many other areas in which a dentist can specialize and render valuable service to the society. However, in order to achieve
success personally and professionally in this field, the essential criteria are patience and sincerity.

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