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Compare _ Contrast Practice Topic


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									                 Compare & Contrast Practice Topics

1. Compare and contrast the overall play of Brazil’s national football team
   with that of the UAE’s. Say which of these two teams you would rather
   watch and why.

2. Compare and contrast arranged versus love marriages. Say which one
   you would prefer if given the choice and why.

3. Single gender classes are the norm here in the UAE. Compare and
   contrast this kind of class with mixed classes. Say which on you would
   prefer and give the reasons for your choice.

4. Compare and contrast living in Dubai versus living in Abu Dhabi. Say
   which city you would prefer to live in and give the reasons for your choice.

5. Here at Abu Dhabi Men’s College we have a mixture of male and female
   instructors. Compare the two and say which of the two you would prefer.
   Explain the reasons for your choice.

6. Last semester you studied in the Foundations Program. Now you are
   studying in Higher Diploma. Compare the two programs. State which one
   you prefer and give the reasons.

7. Compare and contrast having a house maid versus the option of a stay at
   home mother. Say which you prefer and give reasons.

8. Fast-food fulfills a need for busy people. Compare and contrast fast food
   versus home-cooked meals. State your preference for one and say why.

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