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Uzbekistan is one of the main producer of gas in the region. Investments are currently made to enhance the capacity of gas export pipelines towards Russia and China. Gazprom plans to invest more than $400m in gas exploration activities in the country.

Among other developing countries, the Commonwealth of Independent States experienced a substantial cut in its primary production and trade surplus. Respectively due to a slowdown in economic activity consumptions shrank by 8, 5%.


The Uzbekistan energy market report is a reliable source for understanding the key issues and dynamics shaping the Uzbekistani energy industry. With timely, up-to-date energy industry data and demand forecasts, this report will help you identify and exploit challenges and opportunities in the Uzbekistani energy sector. The report details the sub-sectors of the energy industry (Crude Oil, refined oil products, Natural Gas, Coal, Electricity and Renewable) in Uzbekistan.

In this report you will find:

-Overview of energy industry sub-segments: oil, gas, coal, power, renewable
-Recent energy and climate change policy development, and an assessment of its impact
-Key companies active in the Uzbekistani energy industry, along the value chain of each sub-segment
-Up-to-date insight on market structures, regulatory developments, and asset developments
-Market dynamics and trends, detailed by energy and by sector
-Historical data and trends relating to production, consumption, imports, exports and reserves for each industry sub-segment
-Projects under development in the country, including power plants, refineries, LNG terminals, gas pipelines
-Key drivers of change and future issues for each energy type


-Identify key companies activities and strategy in the Uzbekistani market
-Work with data-driven market research
-Follow market dynamics and future industry trends
-Assess how

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									Uzbekistan energy report

Latest update: November 2010

Table of Contents

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INSTITUTIONS AND ENERGY POLICY                                          2

ENERGY COMPANIES                                                        2

ENERGY SUPPLY                                                           2

ENERGY PRICES                                                           3

ENERGY CONSUMPTION                                                      3

ISSUES AND PROSPECTS                                                    3

GRAPHS & DATA TABLES                                                    6

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GLOSSARY                                                               10

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List of Graphs

Graph   1:   Installed Electric Capacity by Source (2009, %)
Graph   2:   Power Generation by Source (2009, %)
Graph   3:   Consumption trends by Energy Source (Mtoe)
Graph   4:   Total Consumption Market Share by Energy (2009, %)
Graph   5:   Final Consumption Market Share by Sector (2009, %)
Graph   6:   Primary Consumption since 1970

List of Tables

Table 1: Economic indicators
             Population, GDP growth
             Imports & exports
             Inflation rate, exchange rate

Table 2: Supply indicators
              Oil & Gas proven reserves
              Electric & refining capacity detailed by source
              Production by energy source
              Power production by source
              External trade by energy

Table 3: Demand indicators
             Consumption / inhabitant
             Consumption trends
             Total consumption by energy
             Final consumption by energy and by sector
             Electricity consumption by sector
             Energy security indicators
             Energy efficiency indicators
             CO2 emissions

Table 4: Energy Balance
             Total energy balance
             Detailed energy balance by energy

Uzbekistan Energy Report – Copyright© Enerdata – All rights reserved   1
                                                              companies, is responsible for the drilling
INSTITUTIONS AND                                              works.

ENERGY POLICY                                                 Uzneftegazdobytcha                   manages        the
                                                              extraction of hydrocarbons.
                                                              Uztransgaz         is     responsible         for   the
Uzbekistan’s economy is mainly based on
                                                              transport       and     storage       of    gas.    The
the gas industry; indeed, the country is
                                                              company manages the domestic natural
one of the region’s main players since it is
                                                              gas supply as well as the exports. It also
the third largest gas producer in the CIS.
                                                              supervises the transit of gas through
                                                              neighbouring countries.
The country’s energy policy is based on
                                                              Uznefteprodukt            owns        the     country’s
two objectives: on the one hand that of
                                                              refineries and manages the distribution of
guaranteeing          the         country’s      self-
                                                              oil products.
sufficiency, and on the other hand that of
                                                              Uzneftegazstroyinvest is in charge of
developing its export capacity.
                                                              the      modernisation        of    the     production,
                                                              transport and processing of oil and gas.
The Government is directly involved in the
                                                              Uzneftegazmash                     produces         high
sector’s national companies. Since 1999,
                                                              technology equipment for the companies
those       companies    have       been     open    to
                                                              in the oil and gas sector.
foreign investors in order to attract the
necessary        funds      for      the      sector’s
development.          However,         the       State        ENERGY SUPPLY
continues to be the main shareholder with
51%, in order to protect a sector that is
considered to be strategic.
                                                              The proven oil reserves are estimated at
                                                              80       Mt,   while    the    gas     reserves     are
In addition to the development of the gas
                                                              estimated at 1680 bcm. Approximately
sector, the country also aims to promote
                                                              190 oil-gas fields have been identified,
alternative      energies.     Accordingly,         the
                                                              146 have been prospected and 44 have
Government adopted the “Programme of
                                                              been reserved. Those fields are located in
Specific Measures for the Economic Use of
                                                              five zones which have been identified as
Energy Resources” for the period 2006-
                                                              rich in gas: Oustiourt, Bukhara Khiva,
                                                              Soukhandaria, the south-west of Hissar
                                                              and Ferghana.

                                                              At the end of 2009 the production capacity
                                                              amounted to about 12 GW. Of the total
Uzbekenergo is the national company
                                                              production, thermal power plants account
in charge of the electricity sector through
                                                              for 74% and hydroelectric stations for
joint-stock companies in which the State
                                                              23%. Most of the thermal power plants
is    the     main    shareholder.         Moreover,
                                                              run on gas.
Uzbekenergo          owns    all    the    country’s
production units.
                                                              The production level has been relatively
                                                              stable since 2000 and in 2009 reached 49
Oil and Gas
The hydrocarbons sector is managed by
the     public   company           Uzbekneftegaz.
Uzgeoburneftegaz,            through         6   large

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