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									Uruguay energy

Latest update: April 2010

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LIST OF GRAPHS & TABLES                                             2

INSTITUTIONS AND ENERGY POLICY                                      3

ENERGY COMPANIES                                                    3

ENERGY SUPPLY                                                       4

ENERGY PRICES                                                       5

ENERGY CONSUMPTION                                                  5

ISSUES AND PROSPECTS                                                6

GRAPHS & DATA TABLES                                                7

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List of Graphs

Graph   1:   Installed Electric Capacity by Source (2008, %)
Graph   2:   Power Generation by Source (2008, %)
Graph   3:   Consumption trends by Energy Source (Mtoe)
Graph   4:   Total Consumption Market Share by Energy (2008, %)
Graph   5:   Final Consumption Market Share by Sector (2008, %)
Graph   6:   Primary Consumption since 1970

List of Tables

Table 1: Economic indicators
              Population, GDP growth
              Imports & exports
              Inflation rate, exchange rate

Table 2: Supply indicators
               Oil & Gas proven reserves
               Electric & refining capacity detailed by source
               Production by energy source
               Power production by technology (5)
               External trade by energy

Table 3: Demand indicators
              Consumption / inhabitant
              Consumption trends
              Total consumption by energy
              Final consumption by energy and by sector
              Electricity consumption by sector
              Energy security indicators
              Energy efficiency indicators
              CO2 emissions

Table 4: Energy Balance
              Total energy balance
              Detailed energy balance by energy

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INSTITUTIONS AND ENERGY                                             ENERGY COMPANIES
                                                                    Of    the    total   production,            transport        and
The Ministry of Industry, Energy and
                                                                    distribution of electricity, 95% is controlled
Mines supervises the energy sector and the
                                                                    by    a     public   company,              Administración
energy companies, with the exception of the
                                                                    Nacional       de        Usinas        y     Trasmisiones
company that manages the Salto Grande
                                                                    Eléctricas (UTE). The remainder comes from
joint hydroelectric plant between Uruguay
                                                                    autoproducers. UTE has the monopoly on
and Argentina, which is under the direct
                                                                    transport and distribution. Under the terms of
management          of    the   Ministry     of       Foreign
                                                                    the new electricity sector regulations, UTE is
                                                                    allowed to acquire up to a total of 40% of any
                                                                    project for the construction of new power
In December 2002 an organisation called
URSEA was created to regulate the country’s
energy and water services. Its role is to
                                                                    The    hydroelectric        plant       shared        between
advise        the         Government             on      the
                                                                    Uruguay and Argentina in Salto Grande is
implementation of the energy policy and to
                                                                    exploited      by    a    mixed         public     company,
make sure that the current standards are
                                                                    CTMSG. That company sells the electricity
being respected.
                                                                    produced       under       the        production      volume
                                                                    allocated to Uruguay, to UTE. That volume,
The policy aims to reduce the country’s
                                                                    as well as the selling prices (in dollars), is
hydroelectricity         dependence.       The    strategy
                                                                    defined according to a convention between
consists of the development of thermal power
                                                                    the two countries.
plants and gas reserves.

                                                                    The national oil company, Administración
In June 1997, the Uruguayan Parliament
                                                                    Nacional       de    Combustibles,               Alcohol      y
approved a set of measures aimed at the
                                                                    Portland       (Ancap),          is    involved       in     the
liberalisation of the electricity sector, both at
                                                                    exploration     of   oil,    together         with     foreign
the level of production, by authorising the
                                                                    companies. It has a 50 000 bl/day refinery in
entry of independent producers, and at the
                                                                    Teja, Montevideo. Following the approval in
level    of   distribution.     So   far,    no       private
                                                                    January      2002    of     a     law       aimed     at     the
operators have entered the market.
                                                                    abrogation of Ancap’s monopoly and the
                                                                    authorisation of the entry of foreign capital
Administración            del   Mercado          Eléctrico
                                                                    into the sector, the Government launched the
(AME) is in charge of the management of the
                                                                    process for the partial privatisation of Ancap.
electricity market.
                                                                    The       privatisation     was            rejected     in     a
                                                                    referendum held in December 2003.
The Uruguayan Parliament has decided to
stop considering any nuclear plans for the
                                                                    In    2006       Petrobras            purchased        Shell’s
                                                                    distribution network and now has a market
                                                                    share of 22%.
As far as the lack of additional energy
resources      is   concerned,       the    main        issue
regards the development of gas projects
                                                                    Gasoduto del Litoral (100% Ancap) owns
based on imported gas.
                                                                    and operates the gas pipeline which supplies

Uruguay Energy Report – Copyright© Enerdata – All rights reserved                                                                  3
the town of Paysandu at the border with                             three dams owned by UTE (Terra Dam (152
Argentina.                                                          MW),    Baygorria       (108      MW),        Constitución
                                                                    (333 MW)) and the mixed Uruguay-Argentina
Gasoducto Cruz del Sur (BG 40%, Pan                                 Salto Grande hydro power plant with a total
American 30%, Ancap 20% and Wintershall                             capacity of 1,890 MW, half of which (945
Energie 10%) manages the gas pipeline that                          MW) for Uruguay. The remainder of the
supplies Montevideo and the south of the                            capacity is thermal and is distributed between
country from Argentina.                      
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