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									Mauritania energy

Latest update: March 2010

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LIST OF GRAPHS & TABLES                                                2

INSTITUTIONS AND ENERGY POLICY                                         3

ENERGY COMPANIES                                                       3

ENERGY SUPPLY                                                          4

ENERGY PRICES                                                          5

ENERGY CONSUMPTION                                                     5

ISSUES AND PROSPECTS                                                   6

GRAPHS & DATA TABLES                                                   7

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List of Graphs

Graph   1:   Installed Electric Capacity by Source (2008, %)
Graph   2:   Power Generation by Source (2008, %)
Graph   3:   Consumption trends by Energy Source (Mtoe)
Graph   4:   Total Consumption Market Share by Energy (2008, %)
Graph   5:   Final Consumption Market Share by Sector (2008, %)
Graph   6:   Primary Consumption since 1970

List of Tables

Table 1: Economic indicators
              Population, GDP growth
              Imports & exports
              Inflation rate, exchange rate

Table 2: Supply indicators
               Oil & Gas proven reserves
               Electric & refining capacity detailed by source
               Production by energy source
               Power production by source
               External trade by energy

Table 3: Demand indicators
              Consumption / inhabitant
              Consumption trends
              Total consumption by energy
              Final consumption by energy and by sector
              Electricity consumption by sector
              Energy security indicators
              Energy efficiency indicators
              CO2 emissions

Table 4: Energy Balance
              Total energy balance
              Detailed energy balance by energy

Mauritania Energy Report – Copyright© Enerdata – All rights reserved   2
INSTITUTIONS AND ENERGY                                            improved use of local energy resources (solar
                                                                   energy,         wind,       biomass),      and          the
POLICY                                                             rationalisation of the consumption of energy.

The     Ministry          for    Energy     and      Oil    is     Renewables
responsible for the planning, elaboration and                      The “Alizés rural electrification” programme
implementation of the national energy policy.                      (€4.3m, including €2.2m from AFD), led to
It also supervises the energy companies.                           the installation of 3000 solar kits in rural
                                                                   areas during 2003-2004. There are plans for
The     management               of     forests     is     the     a second phase.
responsibility       of    the    Directorate       for    the
Protection of Nature (DPN) of the Ministry for
Rural     Development             (MDR).          Renewable        ENERGY COMPANIES
energies come under the supervision of the
National Committee for Alternative Energy
(CNEA) of the Ministry of Energy and Oil,
                                                                   The       “Société      Nationale         d’Electricité”
which is linked to the Energy Directorate.
                                                                   (Sonelec), which was responsible for the
                                                                   production,      transport      and    distribution      of
Two public agencies were created in 2001:
                                                                   water     and    electricity,    was    split    into       2
Ader, the Agency for the development of
                                                                   companies in 2001. Somelec is in charge of
rural    electrification,         and     APAUSR,          the
                                                                   the electricity sector. The monopoly held by
Agency for the promotion of universal access
                                                                   the public operator on the production and
to regulated services. The scope of the
                                                                   distribution of electricity was abolished in
Regulatory      Authority         created     within       the
                                                                   1999. The privatisation of 51% of Somelec,
framework       of        the    liberalisation     of     the
                                                                   launched in 2001, was cancelled; the only
telecommunications sector was extended to
                                                                   financial proposal received, from ONE, was
the electricity sector.
                                                                   considered to be too low (US$10.5m). So far
                                                                   no dates have been fixed for the possible
The     energy       policy       is     aimed      at     the
                                                                   privatisation of SOMELEC.
development of the country’s oil potential
(7% of the GDP in 2008), at slowing down
deforestation related to the large-scale use of
                                                                   Petronas    is    the   main     player    in   the     oil
wood as an energy source (approximately 1.3
                                                                   exploration sector. In particular, it is the
Mm3 per year for the production of charcoal
                                                                   operator of the offshore field of Chinguetti,
for a renewable capacity of 0.6 Mm3/year)
                                                                   which is where the country’s first discovery
and, finally, at the improvement of the
                                                                   was made, in 2001. The partners on the field
population’s electricity supply.
                                                                   are   Petronas       with    47.4%     (following       the
                                                                   acquisition of Woodside Petroleum’s assets in
The Hydrocarbon Code and the Exploration &
                                                                   September 2007 for US$418m), Hardman
Production Agreements are being revised in
                                                                   Resources (19%), BG (10.2%), Premier Oil
order to render them more attractive to
                                                                   (8.1%), Roc Oil (3.3%) and project group
                                                                   Chinguetti (12%).

                                                                   Other major players are also present in
In 1991 the seriousness of the situation
                                                                   exploration-production (see chart).
regarding deforestation and the oil supply led
the authorities to adopt an energy demand
management programme, the objectives of
which are the reduction of the oil bill, the

Mauritania Energy Report – Copyright© Enerdata – All rights reserved                                                       3
Fal Oil is responsible for the supply of oil                       Gas
products over the 2008-2010 period.                                Since November 2005 Gaz de France holds a
                                                                   stake in three offshore exploration blocks
With the exception of LPG, the distribution of                     (24% of Block 1, 27.85% of Block 2 and
oil products is dominated by 3 companies:           
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