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									Macedonia energy
Report (FYROM)
Latest update: January 2010

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LIST OF GRAPHS & TABLES                                               2

INSTITUTIONS AND ENERGY POLICY                                        3

ENERGY COMPANIES                                                      4

ENERGY SUPPLY                                                         4

ENERGY PRICES                                                         5

ENERGY CONSUMPTION                                                    5

ISSUES AND PROSPECTS                                                  6

GRAPHS & DATA TABLES                                                  8

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List of Graphs

Graph   1:   Installed Electric Capacity by Source (2008, %)
Graph   2:   Power Generation by Source (2008, %)
Graph   3:   Consumption trends by Energy Source (Mtoe)
Graph   4:   Total Consumption Market Share by Energy (2008, %)
Graph   5:   Final Consumption Market Share by Sector (2008, %)
Graph   6:   Primary Consumption since 1970

List of Tables

Table 1: Economic indicators
             Population, GDP growth
             Imports & exports
             Inflation rate, exchange rate

Table 2: Supply indicators
              Oil & Gas proven reserves
              Electric & refining capacity detailed by source
              Production by energy source
              Power production by source
              External trade by energy

Table 3: Demand indicators
             Consumption / inhabitant
             Consumption trends
             Total consumption by energy
             Final consumption by energy and by sector
             Electricity consumption by sector
             Energy security indicators
             Energy efficiency indicators
             CO2 emissions

Table 4: Energy Balance
             Total energy balance
             Detailed energy balance by energy

Macedonia Energy Report – Copyright© Enerdata – All rights reserved   2
INSTITUTIONS AND ENERGY                                                           inefficiency of energy production and use, a
                                                                                  national programme is to be adopted. The
POLICY                                                                            draft version of the Strategy for Development
                                                                                  of the Energy Sector in Macedonia for the
Macedonia is a small republic resulting from                                      period 2008-2020 was presented in June
the break-up of former Yugoslavia; its official                                   2009. Current priorities are:
name is FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of
Macedonia). It has been independent since                                               -     the    modernisation and expansion of
1991. It aspires to join the European Union                                                   energy infrastructures
and,    accordingly,              is        in        the    process        of          -     the continuity of the energy efficiency
harmonising and privatising its energy sector.                                                strategy as defined in 2004
                                                                                        -     the      implementation               of      price
The    Ministry            of     Economy,                   through        its               structures        that   eliminate         crossed
Energy Department, is in charge of the                                                        subsidies in order to promote energy
country’s energy policy.                                                                      efficiency while protecting the most
                                                                                              vulnerable consumers
An Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC)                                                   -     the rise in energy prices to reflect
was created in July 2003 to regulate the                                                      production costs
energy     sector.           It        is        made         up      of     4          -     the development of the objective of
departments and is financed by a tax on the                                                   energy          self-sufficiency           through
total revenue of energy companies.                                                            renewable energy sources (hydro in
The Energy Agency of the Republic of
Macedonia was established in 2005 by the
Ministry       of        Economy                 to     promote            and    Electricity
coordinate the energy policies and to develop                                     The energy law was revised in 2008 to allow
Macedonia’s              energy             sector.          It      started      the       liberalisation of the sector and                 the
operating in September 2007.                                                      harmonisation with the European Union.
                                                                                  Further legal adjustments will be made to
Macef      (Macedonian                  Centre               for     Energy       comply with the Energy Community Treaty
Efficiency)         is    the      agency               in    charge        of    requirements             in     terms        of        market
promoting energy efficiency.                                                      liberalisation and the equal treatment of
                                                                                  companies           (e.g.     between        the       national
In October 2005 the Macedonian Parliament                                         company ELEM and the Austrian electricity
signed the Energy Community Treaty in                                             distributor EVN). The Energy Law is expected
Athens, bringing together 8 South Eastern                                         to become effective in 2011, and by then all
European                 states             (Albania,                Bosnia       regulations        are      expected    to      have      been
Herzegovina,             Bulgaria,           Croatia,              Romania,       adopted.
Serbia Montenegro and the United Nations
Mission in Kosovo, UNMIK) and the European                                        Since       1     January     2008,     large      electricity
Union for the creation of an integrated                                           consumers have been able to buy directly on
energy market. This treaty also reinforced                                        the electricity market without buying through
the    legal    bases           for the               creation of an              the intermediary MEPSO (Macedonian electro
independent energy market regulator.                                              distribution system).

Because of the country’s heavy dependence                                         In September 2009, ELEM and BSP SouthPool
on imported energy, the bad conditions of                                         signed a letter of intent for cooperation on
the    energy            production              system            and     the    Macedonia’s energy market. The partners

Macedonia Energy Report – Copyright© Enerdata – All rights reserved                                                                         3
aim to establish the trading infrastructures                     Oil
for the new Macedonian energy market by                          Hellenic Petroleum owns an 81.5% stake in
the first half of 2010.                                          OKTA,    Macedonia’s           only         refinery,    which
                                                                 produces more than 90% of the country’s
Efficiency                                                       total refined products. The company invested
A regulation on the energy performance of                        €120m in the construction of the 212 km-
buildings was adopted in November 2008. An                       long pipeline connecting Thessalonique and
energy-efficiency action plan, which is in line                  Skopje (capacity of about 2.5 Mt/year),
with    the      commitments      of        the      Energy      which has been in operation since 2002.
Efficiency       Task   Force     of        the      En
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