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									Chile energy report

Latest update: August 2010

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LIST OF GRAPHS & TABLES                                           2

INSTITUTIONS AND ENERGY POLICY                                    3

ENERGY COMPANIES                                                  4

ENERGY SUPPLY                                                     6

ENERGY PRICES                                                     7

ENERGY CONSUMPTION                                                8

ISSUES AND PROSPECTS                                              8

GRAPHS & DATA TABLES                                              11

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List of Graphs

Graph   1:   Installed Electric Capacity by Source (2009, %)
Graph   2:   Power Generation by Source (2009, %)
Graph   3:   Consumption trends by Energy Source (Mtoe)
Graph   4:   Total Consumption Market Share by Energy (2009, %)
Graph   5:   Final Consumption Market Share by Sector (2009, %)
Graph   6:   Primary Consumption since 1970

List of Tables

Table 1: Economic indicators
             Population, GDP growth
             Imports & exports
             Inflation rate, exchange rate

Table 2: Supply indicators
              Oil & Gas proven reserves
              Electric & refining capacity detailed by source
              Production by energy source
              Power production by source
              External trade by energy

Table 3: Demand indicators
             Consumption / inhabitant
             Consumption trends
             Total consumption by energy
             Final consumption by energy and by sector
             Electricity consumption by sector
             Energy security indicators
             Energy efficiency indicators
             CO2 emissions

Table 4: Energy Balance
             Total energy balance
             Detailed energy balance by energy

Chile Energy Report – Copyright© Enerdata – All rights reserved   2
INSTITUTIONS AND ENERGY                                            Chile became a member of the OECD in May
The Ministry of Energy was created in
                                                                   The process for the privatisation of the
March 2010. It is responsible of energy policy
                                                                   electricity sector, which started in 1980, has
and planning and for the supervision of the
                                                                   today been completed, leaving the role of
national oil company ENAP (previously a task
                                                                   regulating the sector to the State.
of the Ministry of Mines).
                                                                   The electricity sector is regulated by the law
                                                                   of January 2004 (Ley Corta).
The National Energy Commission (CNE,
Comisión Nacional de Energía), created in
                                                                   Three   organisations        are     involved    in    the
1978 by the Ministry of Mines and Energy,
                                                                   electricity sector: CNE for the control of
plays an important role in the implementation
                                                                   standards and tariffs, SEC for concessions
of    energy        efficiency       policies      and       the
                                                                   and     CDEC         (Centro         de       Despacho
introduction of renewable energies. The CNE
                                                                   Económico de Carga) for the coordination
now acts as the technical body of the Ministry
                                                                   of the electricity grids. CDEC is composed of
of Energy and is responsible of controlling
                                                                   the    main    producers          operating    on     their
prices     in    the    regulated         sector       of    the
                                                                   network:      they    set    exchange     spot      prices
electricity market (previously a task of the
                                                                   between companies based on the marginal
Ministry of Economy).
                                                                   production cost.

The Superintendence of Electricity and
                                                                   There are three types of markets: one for
Fuels (SEC) is in charge of controlling and
                                                                   small consumers (less than 500 kW), for
monitoring       the    sector and             manages the
                                                                   whom the price is controlled and reassessed
requests for final concessions.
                                                                   every 6 months on the basis of the marginal
                                                                   cost of production expected over the next 24-
The country’s energy policy is aimed, on the
                                                                   48 months; a spot price for electricity for
one hand, at supporting the economic growth
                                                                   customers consuming more than 500 kW, for
by    encouraging        the     development           of    the
                                                                   whom the price is fixed every hour by the
energy supply, in particular through the
                                                                   network CDEC; and, finally, a “free” market
electrification of the whole country; and, on
                                                                   which allows consumers of more than 500
the other hand, at reducing the energy
                                                                   KW to negotiate directly with the electricity
demand          and    implementing            a   voluntary
energy efficiency policy, as well as developing
cogeneration in the large industries. The
control exerted by the public authorities on
                                                                   Faced with an increasing energy demand and
the energy sector is limited, since the State
                                                                   the unpredictability of hydroelectricity, Chile
adopted a non-interventionist stance.
                                                                   has, over the last few years, encouraged the
                                                                   development          of     gas     consumption         by
The      observed       growth       of    the     electricity
                                                                   importing gas from Argentina. Today, the fact
demand has led the country to seek solutions
                                                                   that the country relies on a single supplier
to     anticipate        possible         future        supply
                                                                   that    seems         to     have      difficulties      in
difficulties.     Those       solutions         include      the
                                                                   guaranteeing regular supplies, appears to
implementation           of      a     new         regulatory
                                                                   have become an issue in Chile.
framework that would encourage investments
                                                                   The gas market is not regulated, except in
in    electricity      generation         as    well    as    in
                                                                   the area of Magellan, which is where most of
transport. The said project is still being
                                                                   the Chilean gas is produced.

Chile Energy Report – Copyright© Enerdata – All rights reserved                                                            3
Efficiency                                                        been     financed     by     this     fund.    It     was
Energy efficiency only began entering energy                      commissioned in 2002.
policy legislation in a significant manner from
2005 with the National Energy Efficiency
Program (PEEE). The creation of an Energy
                                                                  ENERGY COMPANIES
Efficiency Agency and an EE Action Plan for
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