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                   JOVANKA BECKLES                   COURTLAND BOOZE                       VIRGINIA FINLAY                     RHONDA HARRIS                         MYRNA LOPEZ                     EDUARDO MARTINEZ                             JIM ROGERS                          HARRY SINGH                   MARIA VIRAMONTES
                 Violence reduction specialist,           Businessman, Parks                     Residential                   Real estate developer,                City Councilwoman                Retired West Contra Costa                  City Councilman                      Lab technician                   City Councilwoman
                    Planning Commissioner                   and Recreation                     real estate sales              Community Development                                                    School District teacher
                                                            Commissioner                                                          Commissioner

   Creating      The local economy covers the       I would bring back vocational      The key to the unemployment          Major projects should have a        As a council member, I              To attract businesses and             Strengthen Richmond’s First          Invite bio-tech, IT, manufactur-   I fought to expand the Rich-
       jobs      county and region. The best        training and see to it that the    rate in Richmond is business         community benefits agree-           worked to bring new jobs to         jobs to Richmond we must              Source law, which I wrote,           ing jobs. Give incentives to       mond port, 300 jobs; approved
                 jobs in Richmond are mainly        city enforces its local hiring     development and training.            ment that will assure residents     Richmond. I voted for the           decrease crime, improve our           giving Richmond residents the        small business so they can         with environmental regula-
                 filled with people who live        policy and contract with local     We have projects available for       in the project area that they       Honda/Port of Richmond              infrastructure and streamline         first chance at job openings.        create more jobs. Jobs and         tions higher than state law;
                 elsewhere. We have to attract      businesses that will hire Rich-    consideration that will create       will get an opportunity to work     project that created 200            procedures for getting city           Richmond has done a good             reducing crime are relevant to     the $1 billion Chevron project,
                 more businesses to Richmond        mond residents. I would sup-       jobs and revenue for the city,       in their communities. … Give        jobs, Target that also created      permits. We attract sustain-          job of bringing in high-tech/        each other. We need to create      creating 1,200 new construc-
                 and help keep those with           port and enhance Richmond’s        and they should be given all         Richmond businesses a tax           jobs and award-winning Civic        able, clean jobs in the growing       bio-tech jobs, but we need to        jobs and train our youths to       tion jobs and protecting
                 good jobs as residents by          employment programs.               due consideration and sup-           break for every two residents       Center renovation that created      green-job sector. We must             focus on blue collar jobs. Given     achieve these goals. Create        2,300 refinery jobs. I authored
                 seeing that Richmond has                                              port. The Chevron Energy and         they hire. Redevelop city-          construction jobs. I support        support training programs and         our advantages (location,            a network that can negotiate       legislation to lobby for the UC/
                 safe streets, clean air, good                                         Hydrogen Renewal Project,            owned properties. … Coordi-         diverse and responsible busi-       place the graduates. We must          green economy hub, cheap             with big corporations to open      Alternative Energy Research/
                 schools and a strong com-                                             the Point Molate Resort and          nate high-tech and vocational       nesses to locate in and bring       consider creative innovations,        land), we need to insist on          businesses so we can create        Computation Center for Rich-
                 munity. We are working to                                             Casino project, the Lawrence         training in high schools. …         jobs to Richmond residents. I       including worker cooperatives         developments that meet our           jobs in Richmond.                  mond, 2,000 jobs. I authored
                 make Richmond the center of                                           Berkeley National Labora-            Encourage relocation of new         introduced a policy, which is       that have shown promise in            needs, not just the developers’                                         funding for the $17 million
                 the growing sectors of the U.S.                                       tories expansion at the UC           industries to Richmond and          under consideration, to give        Cleveland. We must support            needs.                                                                  new Performing Arts Center to
                 economy — green jobs.                                                 Richmond Field Station could         include pacts on how long they      Richmond residents prefer-          calls for federally funded                                                                                    anchor a potential Arts District
                                                                                       all bring much needed jobs           will stay. Provide incentives for   ence points when applying for       public works programs to                                                                                      downtown. I secured funding
                                                                                       into the city.                       small business startups.            a city of Richmond job.             create more jobs and improve                                                                                  for basic skills, job training.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    our infrastructure.

     Casino       I do not support a casino at      No. Richmond can develop           Development of the Point             I support development at            After the election in Novem-        No. A casino and all that             The casino would increase            No. I do not support gambling,     No. I don’t support a casino.
    at Point     Point Molate and have consis-      other venues instead of a          Molate property must be              Point Molate as a way to            ber, we will know if Richmond       comes with it does not                desperately needed tax base          but developing a hotel, shop-      I don’t want the crime nor
                 tently advocated for a better      casino and still attract others    consistent with Base Realign-        create jobs for Richmond            residents support a casino at       represent the values I want           and local jobs and increase          ping centers where we create       nationally recognized prob-
     Molate      project. Research shows            who reside outside of Rich-        ment and Closure legislation.        residents and ancillary eco-        Point Molate, and the results       communicate to our children.          problem/addictive gambling.          some jobs is OK.                   lems of casinos. I voted no on
                 casinos bring with them blight,    mond. Decision of the voters is    Until alternate plans that fulfill   nomic opportunities for local       of this will help guide us in our   I don’t want children to see          I’ve had relatives who were                                             the casino project. On Nov. 9,
                 crime and domestic violence.       crucial and critical. Residents    those development require-           businesses. … I find the major      decision-making process. That       gambling as a positive activity.      afflicted by severe unemploy-                                           2004, the vote that approved
                 This casino project does not       of Richmond have a connec-         ments are available, the best        amenities such as the Bay           being said, with an unemploy-       I am concerned about crime            ment-related psychological                                              the contract land purchase
                 guarantee that local residents     tion here, the developers don’t.   use for the site would appear        Trail, the use of a ferry. … the    ment rate above 18 percent,         in nearby communities. The            problems and relatives who                                              with a casino was: Yes: Bates,
                 will get the jobs, and it does     Richmond can do better and         to include a casino. The casino      numerous acres of open space        Richmond needs the jobs that        promises of jobs are highly           wound up penniless and pitiful                                          Butt, Bell, Griffin, Penn, Rogers;
                 not guarantee living wages         should not become known as         will create the revenue source       in the front and rear, the 1,100-   a casino/resort with hotel,         inflated and unlikely to mate-        due to gambling, so both sides                                          No: Viramontes, Belcher;
                 and benefits for workers.          a gambling destination.            for the construction of needed       room hotel, the 85 restau-          restaurants, retail and more        rialize. I support alternative        of this issue matter to me.                                             Abstentions: Anderson. I prefer
                 Richmond residents deserve a                                          infrastructure; the develop-         rants, the conference center,       will bring.                         plans for healthy develop-            People I respect disagree on                                            a mix-use project that invites
                 better project and one that will                                      ment and maintenance of the          the performance theater, the                                            ment to provide good jobs to          this. I will not cast a final vote                                      Pixar back to Richmond. Keep
                 bring jobs sooner than later.                                         public and private amenities;        restored historic Winehaven                                             Richmond residents and add            yes or no. I support a final                                            the promised park, open
                                                                                       coastal access, parks, trails,       District, gardens, playgrounds                                          positively to the city.               binding vote of the people                                              space, Bay trails.
                                                                                       ferry service and the creation       and green building and                                                                                        on the best possible specific
                                                                                       of ongoing jobs for our              landscape design outweighs                                                                                    proposal.
                                                                                       residents.                           the proposed casino.

  Improving      Education is key to reducing       The city should consider rede-     The city should continue to          Work on consecrated efforts         Improve our residents’              In addition to reducing crime,        Continue our sound fiscal            Build roads, protect environ-      Quality of life in Richmond means
     quality     crime. Keeping neighbor-           veloping by way of community       fund and staff those quality-        with neighborhood councils to       chances of gaining steady em-       fixing street lighting and            management, which has us hir-        ment, create jobs, promote         a secure job, a home, safety, edu-
                 hood schools open improves         development, giving people a       of-life issues that influence its    provide clean, well-maintained      ployment. The quality of our        taking other measures to              ing police while Oakland is firing   community involvement,             cational opportunities, efficient
    of life in   educational opportunities and      sense of pride in their neigh-     residents day-to-day activities.     and safe parks, with restrooms      neighborhoods is directly tied      secure the neighborhoods, we          police. Make a special catch-up      expand educational oppor-          public transit, paved streets, Bay
   neighbor-     anchors the neighborhood.          borhood by eliminating the         They include repairing our           in those council areas that are     to our economy. By bringing         need to make neighborhoods            payment of $7.2 million for          tunities.                          trails and beautiful parks. We must
      hoods      By supporting neighbor-            “broken window syndrome.”          streets and infrastructure,          experiencing blight, severe         more jobs to Richmond, the          true communities to raise our         street repaving (one year of our                                        improve environmental health. We
                 hood institutions — schools,       One boarded up dilapidated         maintaining our parks, librar-       potholes and violence. De-          quality of life will improve for    children. Schools can be used         pothole repair budget) from our                                         need to fund small specific proj-
                 community gardens and local        house with trash all around it     ies, senior centers, full staffing   velop neighborhood specific         everyone living here. Investing     in off-hours as staffed commu-        capital improvements budget.                                            ects defined by neighborhoods.
                 co-op enterprises — we give        causes more houses to end up       and support services of our          programs and implement              in infrastructure such as street    nity centers for neighborhood         Continue to enlist allies in the                                        We need to approve a comprehen-
                 people motivation and tools        in the same shape.                 public safety personnel and          them. Training programs must        pavement, streetscapes, parks       activities. The city can support      fight against crime: community                                          sive General Plan. I voted for 30
                 for defending their communi-                                          continue to support the neigh-       be throughout the city, not just    and public buildings will also      more coordinated neighbor-            policing to involve neighbors,                                          code enforcement staff to manage
                 ties. We can tap the skills and                                       borhood council system.              in one location. Provide more       improve how residents feel          hood programs that bring              street outreach workers,                                                blight, trash, graffiti, abandoned
                 the public service of seniors                                                                              youth programs. … Work with         about putting their tax dollars     generations together to create        faith-based programs, strong                                            vehicles and properties. I support
                 to provide help with kids and                                                                              police to increase anti-crime       to work.                            a sense of family and enrich          recreation/library programs to                                          One Block at a Time, volunteer
                 put more eyes on the streets.                                                                              neighborhoods.                                                          the lives of all generations.         give kids positive alternatives.                                        improvement efforts.

   Future of     There is plenty of development     This north shoreline is prone      I feel that future development       The North Richmond shore            This does not have to be a          Development of long-range plans       We need to save the lion’s           A study shows that we need         I have supported for 20 years
   the north     space available in Richmond.       to flooding. My vision is to       of the north shoreline should        presents a unique opportunity       “jobs vs. environment” fight.       for the North Richmond shoreline      share of this shoreline for          improve transportation con-        protection of the Breuner
                 The shoreline should be used       make sure that human life will     contain a combination of             for Richmond to move forward        We can protect and restore the      should take place in discussions in   open space/park uses. Limited        nections, job creation, environ-   Property for the East Bay
   shoreline     for purposes that allow the        not be endangered. I must          uses that includes residential,      into a future where environ-        habitats of the north shoreline     those communities adjacent and        development away from the            ment protection, and public        Regional Parks. I raised funds
                 maximum public use of this         have residents’ input so that I    business, recreation and open        mental preservation and eco-        while bringing new jobs to          in citywide consideration of the      shoreline, near Richmond             access to waterfront, support      for Point Pinole Park. I worked
                 resource and which helps           may know the feelings of the       space elements. The benefit          nomic development coexist.          Richmond. I support this vi-        General Plan. The shoreline area      Parkway, may be possible, if         future reuse of north shore        for nine years to remove truck
                 protect the Bay, which is in       people. I would have to be able    of development in the north          … Some of the land should be        sion because it was generated       west of Richmond Parkway should       it can support turning other         right-of-way, create jobs in       traffic from the inner city and
                 danger.                            to make an intelligent decision    shoreline is that it can pay for     considered for development,         by the community through            be preserved and zoned for “com-      commercially-used land closer        maritime industry, protect en-     transport goods from industry
                                                    between development, open          any required cleanup of the          and some of the land should         20 community meetings,              munity low intensity commerce         to the shoreline into park/rec-      vironmentally sensitive areas,     by funding and building the
                                                    space and community con-           area as well as the creation         be preserved as open space, a       in addition to General Plan         and recreation” including open        reational land.                      enhance historic residential       Richmond Parkway; another
                                                    cerns. Once I have community       and ongoing maintenance of           natural habitat for migrating       Advisory Committee, Planning        space for parks. … The area east                                           and commercial neighbor-           nine years to improve, and
                                                    input and hear their concerns,     these open space and public          birds, wetlands, bike and walk      Commission and City Council         of Richmond Parkway should be                                              hoods, provide greater public      maintain it. I honor the North
                                                    at that point I can make an        access amenities.                    paths and recreational areas.       meetings. There will be a rigor-    zoned for industrial, commercial                                           access to current and future       Richmond Specific Plan as the
                                                    intelligent decision.                                                                                       ous environmental review.           and residential use.                                                       recreational areas.                community-approved guide.

        If the   It should be addressed in the      They should properly zone          The Richmond City Coun-              If the statewide measure            I am not in favor of Proposition    Regulations regarding sale of         We need ironclad protections         Only three dispensaries            I support medicinal use of
    measure      same manner that the city          it, keep it away from schools      cil adopted an ordinance             passes, the Richmond City           19. If it does pass, Richmond       alcohol should be applied to sale     to ensure we don’t repeat the        allowed, away from school,         marijuana for people seriously
                 addresses the sale of alcohol:     and children. There should         regarding the licensing and          Council should work with            must take steps to ensure           of marijuana. The city should         mistake we made in allowing li-      church, park and senior cen-       or terminally ill. A new ordinance,
  to legalize    highly regulated, heavily          be a limit on the amount of        operational guidelines for           other cities and county super-      that marijuana is still kept out    control such questions as how         quor stores to operate in a way      ters. Strict police background     if approved, will limit dispen-
recreational     monitored and taxed.               dispensaries, and they should      medical marijuana collectives        visors to develop a countywide      of the hands of the under-          many places marijuana can be          that trashes the surrounding         of seller and the patient by       sary maximum of three with
  marijuana                                         be kept within the industrial      on Sept. 21. Measure V, on           plan to address the issues of       age. I would not support the        sold, where marijuana is sold         neighborhood. If operators           police chief, safety of product,   significant public safety and
      passes,                                       areas and be heavily taxed.        the ballot in November, would        farm cultivation, residential       cultivation on large scale in       and to whom marijuana is sold.        find that too expensive or           safety of patients and tax on      health controls. I do not support
 how should                                                                            allow for 5 percent taxation         cultivation, commercial sale        Richmond. Cultivation that          I do not support the criminaliza-     inconvenient, then we need to        all sales.                         the distribution or cultivation
                                                                                       based on gross receipts on           locations and time of sale by       is permitted under state law        tion of cultivation of recreational   turn down their applications.                                           of recreational marijuana in
  Richmond                                                                             the sale of the product rather       licensed vendors. The council       must be treated as a regulated      marijuana for personal use.                                                                                   Richmond. Currently, there is
address the                                                                            than number of employees of          should consider using revenue       control substance.                  However, I support laws prohibit-                                                                             an overconcentration of liquor
     possible                                                                          the collective. The cultivation      from the approved dispensa-                                             ing individuals from distributing                                                                             stores in at-risk communities
 sale or cul-                                                                          of marijuana is an issue that        ries as designated funds for                                            and selling privately-produced                                                                                in Richmond. These neighbors
  tivation in                                                                          must be addressed by the             specific services where there                                           marijuana. I support strictly                                                                                 want to reduce access to alcohol.
                                                                                       council in future.                   is a shortfall.                                                         regulating and taxing commer-                                                                                 It doesn’t make sense to create
    the city?                                                                                                                                                                                       cial production of marijuana.                                                                                 another problem.

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