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Russian Recipes


									Russian Recipes
Russia is home to a rich variety of recipes. This includes peasant foods,
dishes influenced by Ottoman and Persian cuisine, and French-influenced
dishes which originated during the Czarist period when Russian nobility
was greatly influenced by French culture.
Some popular Russian recipes include:
* Borshch - A vegetable soup made from beets. Cabbage, potatoes or meat
may optionally be added.
* Okroshka - A cold soup made from kvas (a traditional Russian bread
drink). Meat, fish or vegetables may be used when preparing the soup, and
black pepper, mustard or pickled cucumber are used to flavor the dish.
* Shchi - Cabbage soup. Carrots, meat, parsley and spices may be added.
Apples, pickle water or sour cream ("smetana") may also be used to flavor
the dish.
* Soljanka - A thick spicy soup containing fish, meat or mushrooms.
Pickled cucumbers are used in the dish, as well as, usually, cabbage,
cream, dill and mushrooms.
* Blini - Thin pancakes that may be topped with caviar or sour cream
* Katlyeti - Pan-fried meatloaves made from beef or pork.
* Studen - Jellied pork or veal. It may be eaten cold with garlic and
sour cream ("smetana"), or as a garnish for other dishes.
* Beef Stoganoff - Sautéed beef in a sauce with sour cream.
* Veal Prince Orloff - Braised veal cut into slices, with pureed
mushrooms and onions between the slices. The dish is topped with opped
with bechamel sauce (white sauce) and cheese, and browned in an oven.
* Charlotte Russe - A dessert made by putting Bavarian creme (a custard
flavored with liquer) on top of lady fingers (small light sponge cakes).
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