A Cure For Ringing Ears

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					A Cure For Ringing Ears
Are you looking for a cure for ringing ears? Do you hear a constant
buzzing ....or a ringing sound, like a bee trapped in your ear? Sometimes
lower, sometimes louder? Is it driving you mad? This article will explore
some cures for ringing ears.
The medical term for ringing ears is tinnitus, sometimes spelled
tinnitis. There are approximately 50 million people in America with this
condition, with over 10 million actively seeking help. Another person's
ringing ears doesn't make you feel any better, but you know, a trouble
shared is a trouble halved.
Most doctors will tell you that there is no cure for ringing ears. You
just have to learn to live with it. Truth is, you do get used to it after
a while. But, why should you? And if you are waiting to get used to the
ringing ears, it takes a while and is very difficult and maddening.
There are some doctors (ENTs) who will try to help you. Their treatment
will depend on the cause of the ringing in your ears. Does it come from
prolonged listening to (really!) loud music, or is it age - related? Is
it from sinus or from stress? ENTs generally do not have experience
dealing with tinnitus. Most cures from ringing ears will come from your
own know-how and experience. You try out a remedy, and if it works you do
it again. Copying what has aided fellow tinnitus sufferers will
definitely help. Why learn only on your own ears, so to speak?
Not only can (extreme?) stress cause tinnitus, but stress can make the
ringing in your ears worse. Anxiety and depression, while looking for a
cure for ringing ears, can become a bigger problem than the tinnitus
itself. So, it is important to get help & support, especially with people
who still have or have cured ringing ears.
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