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									. . . .Accelerating the Journey
Established an
information technology
(IT) foundation for
Indiana University that
has supported the work of
the university for 10 years.

          The IT Strategic Plan - 1998
10 General Recommendations

  Recommendation 1 –The University should build a solid foundation
  of IT infrastructure that will help and enable IU to achieve a position
  of leadership, and to assure that sound fiscal planning permits the
  maintenance of this infrastructure at state-of-the-art levels.

68 Actions

  Action 51 - Implementation should begin for a university-wide
  wireless network, initially through a trial with a School.

         The IT Strategic Plan - 1998
                          High capacity        Security, policy,        High
                             storage               privacy          performance

IT, systems, and data
have many                Interoperability,                          Information
interdependent parts.      convergence                                systems
                                             Classroom technology
Leverage for
efficiency and edge
innovation are the key
                            Enterprise            Lifecycle          Real time
to IU’s future.           infrastructure        replacement           support

      Holistic Progress on IT Across IU
Celebration Event - May 20, 2008
…“Hence the next IU IT Strategic Plan should be a plan
to develop the pervasive use of IT to help build
excellence in education and research in all disciplines,
in administration, in IU's engagement in the life of the
State, across all campuses, and in collaboration with
IU's key partners such as Clarian Health and
institutions of higher education in the State.             President Michael A. McRobbie

The plan should sustain IU's leadership in services and
infrastructure, while maximizing how these are
leveraged to build excellence in education and
research. And the plan should attempt to take into
account the impact of the new waves of technology
innovation in education and research based on the best
predictions and analysis that can be developed.”…

           President’s Charge for ITSP2
Frank Acito, Ph.D.
Chair, University Information Technology Committee

Associate Dean of Academic Programs
Max Barney Distinguished Teaching Fellow
Professor of Marketing
Kelley School of Business

UITC Charge from Vice President Wheeler…

    …“The plan must be visionary, realistic, and relevant to serving the
    explicit missions of all campuses of Indiana University. It should enable
    revolutionary outcomes via evolutionary steps. The first IT
    Strategic Plan was created to be transformative in creating an
    architecture for the 21st century. This second plan builds on that success
    with a focus on accelerating the leading use and application of IT among
    IU's faculty, staff, students, and alumni.”…

    University Information Technology Committee
  University Information Technology Committee

       Four Taskforces:
         •Faculty and Scholarly Excellence
         •Student Success
         •Effective Community
         •Engagement Beyond

       140 Participants plus email comments
                             Rosters at: http://ovpit.iu.edu/itsp2

Creating the Plan – Human-centered Roles
Charge from                                  Full Draft
 President                                    to the
 McRobbie                                    President

    University Information Technology Committee           University-wide Review
              and 4 Taskforces Convene                        and Comment

                         Meetings, Discussions
                              and Drafts                                   Finalized

Mar                                                                          Dec
2008                                                                         2008

                           ITSP2 Timeline
Builds on the foundation of IT
progress and seeks to accelerate
bold progress across the research,
education, and service missions of

Major Sections:
1. Sustaining the Foundation…
2.Human-centered IT…
3.Grand Challenges…

        IU’s Strategic Plan for IT - 2008
                  ---------- Preliminary Draft ----------

Recommendation 1: Indiana University’s national and
international leadership should be sustained through continued
maintenance and advancement of its IT infrastructure that is
supported by sound fiscal planning.

   Action #2: The lifecycle-funding model should be expanded to
   cover school, department, and discipline-specific needs and
   variations to more fully support the diversity of research and
   creative activity across the university.

   Action #18: IU should provision data storage that provides
   appropriate physical and electronic protection. Sensitive, non-
   public, and/or important university information should be
   rigorously governed by policies and processes that ensure
   appropriate maintenance and retention.

         1: Sustaining the Foundations
                   ---------- Preliminary Draft ----------

Recommendation 8: Indiana University should implement a
variety of approaches to IT education, skills acquisition,
support, and communication that enable any willing learner to
efficiently acquire desired IT skills.

Recommendation 9: Indiana University should provision
appropriate “data utilities” for administrative data/information,
research data, teaching and learning resources, and multimedia
scholarly life. These utilities should provide convenient, timely,
frictionless, and secure access to university data/information by
the IU community and authorized collaborators beyond IU.

   Action 32: To the extent practicable, IU should adapt current
   systems and require new systems to work effectively with a
   multitude of commonly-used devices.

2: Human-centric Information Technology
                       ---------- Preliminary Draft ----------
Recommendation 12: Indiana University should pursue a
position of leadership in the development (with partners) of new,
sustainable models for scholarly publication, dissemination, and
curation that enable scholars — and their collective communities
—to re-assert control over rights to the scholarly record and its
institutional preservation.
    Action 54: IU should assess whether university and collaboratively
    owned (or contracted) infrastructure for scholarly communications
    could also provide a means for lower costs and better materials for the
    current role of traditional textbooks. If so, this resource should also be
    engaged to help mitigate the high costs of textbooks..
    Action 64: IU should increase support for distributed education
    environments that enable IU Faculty to effectively and efficiently
    conduct classes using distance technologies with ease of use for
    integrating instructional resources, flexibility, and support for a variety
    of pedagogical approaches.

  3: Grand Challenges and Opportunities
                      Seven Digital Utilities for Leveraged Scholarly Services
                 Teaching &                                                        Record        Digitized
                  Learning      Scholarly                          Digital       (Journals,       Film &
                  (courses,        Life          Scholarly        Books &          Multi-       Completed           Admin
                  OER, etc)    (podcasts)          Data          Collections       media)         Works              Data

  Self Service
                               podcast.iu.edu                                                         ?
   /Mash-up                                                         IUCAT       Scholarworks?                         IUIE

   Consulting    Centers for      Media
                                                Scholarly Data                                   Librarians,       Functional
    Expertise    Teaching &     Production                        Librarians      Librarians
                                                   Services                                     Film Scholars     Areas / UITS
       Layer      Learning        Shops

                                IU Events,
                                 Lectures,       IU Content,      HathiTrust                                     IUIE Objects,
                   Objects,                                                      IU Content,
Content Layer                   Symposia,         Scholarly       Content &                     IU Collections     Real-time
                 Connexions,                                                    Subscriptions
                                 Personal       Communities      Subscription                                       Systems

                                                 Mass Store,                                                     Datawarehouse
  Technology      Oncourse,                                       Replicated      Dspace-
                                                  CIC Data                                                         / Business
       Layer        ePort                                           Isilon        Fedora                          Intelligence



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. . . .Accelerating the Journey

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