Foods and Wines on the Amalfi Coast

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					Foods & Wines on the Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Coast is a stretch of coastline on the southern side of the
Sorrentine Peninsula of Italy extending from Positano in the west to
Vietri sul Mare in the east. It is known as Costiera Amalfitana in
Amalfi Coast is known for its rugged terrain, scenic beauty, and
picturesque towns. Vietri sul Mare, Cetara, Maiori, Minori, Ravello,
Atrani, Amalfi, Praiano, Scala and Positano are beautiful towns lying on
the Amalfi Coast. The charming Coast is listed by UNESCO as a World
Cultural Heritage site.
Major attractions of the Amalfi Coast include Duomo, the church of Santa
Maria Assunta in Positano, the churches of San Salvatore del Birecto and
of Santa Maria Maddalena in Atrani, Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo in
Ravello, the churches of San Luca and San Gennaro in Praiano, the church
of San Pancrazio in Conca dei Marini, and the church of Santa Trofimena
and the ancient Roman villa in Minori.
Amalfi Coast is a great tourist destination known for its wide variety of
delicious cuisine and culinary. If you looking for a vacation destination
with fine foods and wines, Amalfi Coast is your perfect destination. You
can enjoy eating and drinking by the seaside. Some of the famous foods
and wines of Amalfi Coast are listed below.
Fior di latte: It’s mozzarella like fresh cheese made from cow milk from
the nearby Monti Lattari (Milk Mountains). Fior di latte features a rich
creamy color and is often found in the shape of treccia (plait).True
mozzarella is made from buffalo and cow milk that comes from the plains
South of Salerno, towards Paestum and Battipaglia.
Provola: It’s smoked fior di latte that can be enjoyed on its own or in
parmigiana di melenzane, or even on pizzas.
Fresh caciotta: It is daily made fresh cheeses served plain or stuffed
with basil or rocket leaves. You can also enjoy it wrapped in lemon
leaves and grilled.
Vegetables: Fresh vegetables grown near Amalfi have a rich ripe flavor.
Corbara’s small tomatoes are distinctively sweet. Eggplant (or
aubergines) is a staple of the local cuisine. Eggplant patties and
involtini are highly popular on the coast. The deep fried or baked
Eggplant patties, and the involtini, the deep fried slices of eggplant
rolled and stuffed with fior di latte and basil leaves are mouth
wateringly delicious.
The delicious pie Melenzane al cioccolato is made from aubergines and
chocolate (deep fried aubergines, covered in dark chocolate, candied
fruits and orange peel). Zucchini (or courgettes) are also used in many
local dishes.
Scialatielli (Pasta): It’s fresh local pasta consisting of thick and
short strips made out of just flour and water, sometimes with the
addition of parsley. Scialatielli looks similar to spaghetti or fettucine
and it’s served with seafood or other traditional Italian sauces.
Fish and seafood: Amalfi Coast offers an extensive variety of seafood
including locally caught and served fresh pezzogna, sarago, orata and
spigola. Locally seafood is served all’acqua pazza that is a light broth
made with oil, garlic, parsley and pomodorino (a small tomato grown in
the mountains). Totani e patate is a typical dish of the Peninsula, It’s
a dish comprising a unique casserole of potatoes and totani (a dark
member of the calamari family).
Wines: Amalfi Coast offers exceptionally outstanding variety of wines.
Some of the popular wines include Tramonti, Costa d'Amalfi, Furore,
Taurasi, Aglianico, Greco di Tufo, Fiano, and Falanghina.
Desserts: Local cakes and pastries are some common desserts on the coast.
Some of locally popular desserts include delizia al limone, (lemon
delight), the torta caprese, and baba soaked in limoncello.
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