Erythritol Vs Maltitol

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					Erythritol Vs Maltitol
Erythritol and Maltitol have both emerged as a great relief for those who
want to indulge in chocolates without defying their calorie chart.
Erythritol and Maltitol are both natural sugar alcohols that taste sweet
without adding calories to your diet. They don't affect blood sugar or
cause tooth decay, thus forming a popular ingredient for the Sugar Free
Desserts industry. Erythritol is 60-70 % as sweet as table sugar, whereas
the latter is about 75-90 % sweet. However, in spite of the high
sweetening index of Maltitol, its use is not advisable by health experts,
dieticians, and physicians. Why is it so? Let us discuss.
There are a number of causes why the use of Erythritol should be
preferred, and that of Maltitol, discontinued. Here are the four most
important reasons:
Erythritol has a very small calorie content. It is only 0.2 cal/g, as
certified by US FDA. This value is 95% less than that of table sugar. On
the other hand, the calorific value of Maltitol is 2-3 cal/g, which is
only 25-50 % less than table sugar (4 cal/g). Thus, although Maltitol may
claim to cut-down your calorie intake, it still adds a lot of calories to
your diet. This gives Erythritol a huge advantage over Maltitol for
calorie-concerned people.
Glycemic Index
Glycemic index is a measure of the effect that a substance has on blood
glucose level. Maltitol has a glycemic index of around 50, which is close
to that of sugar ( GI = 60). Therefore, say NO to Maltitol if you are
diabetic. Erythritol, on the other hand has a glycemic index of zero,
which means it has no effect on blood glucose level and is thus,
completely safe for diabetics.
Sweetening Index and Glycemic Index
Maltitol is 75-90% as sweet as sugar. But 90 is what the people in the
low carb industry say. The actual figure is somewhere around 75%, i.e.
3/4. Now, the GI of Maltitol is more than three-fourth of that for table
sugar and even the calorific value is somewhere around 3/4th. So, by
replacing sugar with Maltitol as the sweetener for a Sugar Free Dessert,
you are not doing any good to your body in terms of glycemic index or
calories. The case is different in case of Erythritol, a sweetener with a
calorific value of only 0.2 cal/g (5% of sugar) and a glycemic index of
zero. It is, therefore, the best option.
Intestinal Discomfort
Maltitol is found to cause intestinal discomfort in people, with symptoms
starting from intestinal cramping, intestinal gas, and sometimes, even
diarrhea. Erythritol is better even on this case. It doesn't cause any
such gastro-related trouble.
One of the renowned manufacturers of Sugar Free Desserts and Sugar Free
Solid Dark Chocolate Cups is Chocolate Dreams and Wishes, a company
producing numerous delicious chocolates using Erythritol as the

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