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					Team Biographies – Faculty & Organizers
           Michael Useem
           Michael Useem is Professor of Management and Director of the Center for
           Leadership and Change Management at the Wharton School of the University of
           Pennsylvania. His university teaching includes MBA and executive-MBA courses on
           management and leadership, and he offers programs on leadership and change for
           managers in the United States, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. He also works on
           leadership development with many companies and organizations in the private,
           public and non-profit sectors. He is the author of The Leadership Moment: Nine True
           Stories of Triumph and Disaster and Their Lessons for Us All, and, to experience
           such moments, he organizes teams of Wharton graduates, company managers, and
           other groups for treks up the slopes of Mount Everest, trips to Civil War battlefields,
           and other learning events for leadership development. He is also author of Leading
           Up: How to Lead Your Boss So You Both Win, and he is co-author and co-editor of
           Upward Bound: Nine Original Accounts of How Business Leaders Reached Their
           Summits. He holds a B.S. from the University of Michigan and a M.A. and Ph.D. from
           Harvard University.

           Evan Wittenberg
           Evan Wittenberg is the Director of the Wharton Leadership Program, developing and
           overseeing academic and co-curricular leadership development activities for the
           Wharton MBA population. He is Co-Director with Professor Mike Useem of the
           Wharton Leadership Ventures Program. Evan is also Co-Coordinator of the core
           MBA course MGMT 652: Foundations of Leadership and Teamwork, and teaches this
           course to a quarter of the first-year MBA class. Evan's professional work focuses on
           change management and leadership development. An avid world traveler and
           outdoorsman, and never shy of a good physical challenge, Evan is a black belt and
           instructor in full contact karate, and plays rugby with the Wharton Wharthogs. He has
           climbed a number of high altitude peaks, including Mt. Kinabalu in Malaysian Borneo,
           Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, and Mt. Cotopaxi in Ecuador. Evan is an MBA graduate
           of the Wharton School.

            Mark Davidson
            Mark Davidson is a Venture Leader for the Wharton Leadership Ventures Program.
            An avid outdoor enthusiast, Mark began his professional career as a clinical
            exercise physiologist studying human performance under physical stress. As a
            consultant with Ernst & Young in health care information technology, Mark worked
            with senior executives on business and technology strategy, as well as
            organizational structure, dynamics, and communication. He has been designing,
            developing, and delivering leadership programs for The Wharton School for more
            than 3 years. He has led groups and climbed in the Appalachians, Tetons, Rockies,
            Wasatch, Olympics, and Cascades and in ranges in Europe, Asia, South America,
            and New Zealand. Mark is an MBA graduate of the Wharton School.
Executive in Residence
            Arthur Sulzberger, Jr.
            Chairman and Publisher
            ARTHUR Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr. was named chairman of The New York Times Company
            on October 16, 1997. As the Company’s senior executive, he is responsible for its long-term
            business strategy. Mr. Sulzberger, who became publisher of The New York Times in 1992,
            continues to run the Company’s flagship enterprise on a day-to-day basis. Over the past decade,
            he has shaped and implemented innovative print, broadcast and online initiatives that are
            enabling the Company to compete successfully in the 21 century global media marketplace.
            These include:
                   Pursuing the national expansion of The Times, with 18 new print sites
                   Creating the new six-section color newspaper
                   Entering the Knowledge Age with the launch of the NYT Electronic Media
                    Company, (now New York Times Digital) which includes The Times’s
           – the No.1 newspaper-owned Web site in the world
                   Establishing new enterprises such as The New York Times Learning Network,
                    Upfront magazine, NYT-Television and the Continuous News operations
                   Acquiring the International Herald Tribune
                   Purchasing 50% ownership of the Discovery Civilization Channel
                   Becoming a minority partner in New England Sports Ventures, which includes
                    the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park and 80% of the New England Sports

Team Biographies – Students
           Javier Adreani (WG'05)
           Before starting his MBA at Wharton, Javier served as a manager and entrepreneur in his
           native Venezuela launching new ventures and leading turnarounds of established
           businesses. Most recently, Javier managed the Laboratorio Adreani, a clinical laboratory
           which he founded and grew significantly over a period of two years. Previously, as General
           Manager of Rental Micro, a computer equipment rental partner of Hewlett-Packard and IBM,
           Javier had led a vital turnaround to bring the company back from the brink of bankruptcy. In
           his spare time, he teaches math to underprivileged adults and is a passionate
           photographer. At Wharton, Javier plans to dual major in Entrepreneurship and Strategic
           Management and to pursue a career in consulting after graduation. Javier earned his BA in
           Business and Administration from the Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas, Venezuela.

           Tom Arnold (WG'05)
           Before arriving at Wharton, Tom was a Senior Manager at Redback Networks, a small
           telecommunications equipment manufacturer based in San Jose, California. At Redback,
           Tom worked with senior management on mergers and acquisitions, corporate development
           and product marketing. Prior to Redback, Tom also spent two year at Mercer Management
           Consulting, focusing on a broad range of strategic issues for high-technology concerns.
           After Wharton, Tom plans to return to the networking industry. In addition to his
           professional pursuits, Tom is also active in the community, most recently as a business
           advisor for Pacific Community Ventures, a non-profit offering capital and services to low-
           income businesses in the San Francisco Bay area. Tom is also an avid outdoorsman and
           athlete. In the summer months prior to school, Tom rode over 600 miles of the best
           mountain biking trails in the US. Prior accomplishments also include an unsupported bike
           tour from Amsterdam to Paris and a month-long solo walk across Northern Spain. Tom
           graduated with an AB in Economics from Dartmouth College.

           Campbell Bethwaite (WG'04)
           Campbell started several companies in the IT and direct-marketing field, before selling to a
           public company and coming to Wharton. He worked for Citigroup Global Markets (formerly
           Salomon Smith Barney) in their investment bank last summer, and will return there upon
           graduation. Campbell is heavily involved Wharton life, as WGA Cohort Co-ordinator,
           serving on the Admissions Committee and as a co-chair for Wharton Welcome Weekend.
           He has been responsible for new initiatives at Wharton, including a school wide Paintball
           day, an Orphans Thanksgiving for International Students, a Housing Resource to help
           Wharton students find summer or fulltime housing in different cities, and numerous parties!
           He has also planned trips for Wharton students to such far away destinations as Iceland,
           Whistler, Cuba, Patagonia, and the Trans-Siberian Railway. Campbell has sailed
           professionally and is a dual World-Champion, as well as a keen skier and martial artist!
           Campbell speaks five languages and is currently learning Russian. Campbell is from
           Australia and grew up around the world before attending college in Sydney. Campbell is
           passionate about travel, and Antarctica will be the seventh continent he has visited.

           Cho-Kan (CK) Siu (WG’05)
           Prior to joining to the Wharton School, Cho-Kan (CK) Siu was a member of the professional
           service team at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young New Zealand. During the last four and half
           years, CK undertook process and technology consulting engagements across Asia Pacific
           (including Australia, Singapore and Malaysia), in a diverse array of industries ranging from
           telecommunications, insurance and aircraft engineering. Leveraging his solution focus and
           passion for technology, CK is looking forward to pursuing a joint Entrepreneurship and
           Finance major to further his long term career goal of developing entrepreneurship ventures.
           CK completed his undergraduate education at the University of Auckland, where he
           obtained conjoint Bachelor degrees in Commerce (Accounting), Engineering (Chemical &
           Materials) and Science (Chemistry).

Andras Forgacs (WG’05)
Prior to starting his MBA at Wharton, Andras was an Associate in the Investment Banking
Division of Salomon Smith Barney (now Citigroup). At Citigroup, Andras had been a
founding member of the Bank’s internet strategy group and worked with Microsoft, Reuters
and Thomson Financial to launch CitiVision, a state-of-the-art financial portal aimed at
bankers and their corporate clients. CitiVision is currently used by over 4,000 bankers within
Citigroup and is being rolled out to corporate users. Prior to this, Andras was an Analyst
within Citigroup’s Financial Strategy Group, the analytical “think tank” of the Investment
Bank. In this role, Andras worked on some of Citigroup’s largest and most complex
transactions involving mergers, spin-offs, hostile defense, share repurchase and capital
structure advisory. Outside of work, Andras is an avid runner and triathlete. He has
competed in the NYC Marathon four years in a row and raised over $6000 for cancer
research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Andras graduated from Harvard
University with an AB in Government.

Michael Hsu (WG’05)
Prior to starting at Wharton, he worked in Taiwan for a local securities broker - first as an
internal consultant, then moved into sales & trading undertaking index arbitrage on an
agency basis. Prior to that, Michael worked at Booz Allen & Hamilton from 1998 to 2000.
He plans to major in Finance and strategic management at Wharton, and is interested in
returning to sales and trading post-graduation. Michael was born in New York and raised in
Taiwan. He graduated from Columbia in 1998, majoring in Operations Research and

Nirad Jain (WG’05)
Nirad most recently worked as an Associate in the New York office of A.T. Kearney. At A.T.
Kearney, he has worked with clients in financial services, defense, transportation, and high-
tech. In 2002 Nirad took a leave from consulting to serve in a pro bono role as the strategic
advisor to The Gift of New York, a September 11th not-for-profit. Prior to joining A.T.
Kearney, Nirad co-founded a manufacturing company that supplied precision raw materials
to the electronics industry, which was acquired in 1998. Nirad has a Bachelor of Science
from Columbia University in Operations Research and Economics, and a Master of Science
from Stanford in Management Science focusing on Strategy in Fast-Moving Markets. At
Wharton, he plans to double major in Finance and Management. Nirad has lived in three
countries and traveled to well over two dozen. In addition to traveling, Nirad is an avid

Ji-Eun Kim (WG’05)
Prior to attending Wharton, Ji-Eun worked as a Consultant in Vietnam for International
Development Enterprises. She also spent two years working as an analyst with
Soloman Smith Barney in the U.S. and two years for Schroder Soloman Smith Barney in
the United Kingdom. Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Ji-Eun graduated in 1996 from
Wellesley College, majoring in Economics. She enjoys museum hopping, scuba-diving
and hiking.

Axel Lapica (WG’05)
Before joining Wharton, Axel worked in the Business Consulting practice of Arthur Andersen
where he concentrated on back-office financial operations and assisted clients in industries
ranging from telecommunications to retail. He was a member of the Consultant Advisory
Board within Andersen, served on the executive board of the Sigma Phi Epsilon Alumni
Association, and was a mentor to several undergraduate students. Additionally while at
Andersen, Axel completed a Masters in Accounting from FIU, earned the CPA and CMA
designations, and completed level three of the CFA program. At Wharton, Axel plans to
double major in Strategic Management and Finance and plans to be an active member of
WHAMBAA, the consulting club, and become a student reviewer in the Admission’s
Committee. After Wharton, Axel would like to join a strategic management consulting firm
and eventually, when possible, expand his services to Cuba in the hope of assisting in the
reconstruction of its democratic and capitalistic institutions and customs. Axel attended
Florida International University where he earned a B.A. in Accounting and Finance in three

Ran Li (WG ’04)
Ran received both of his BA and MA degree in Economics from Northeastern University of
Finance and Economics, China.After graduation from college in 1993, Ran worked with
Shell as a business development analyst, assessing a broad spectrum of investment
opportunities in terms of returns and risks for Shell in North East of China, including pipeline
and refinery projects, and petrochemical plant. Ran started up his own company, Harvest
CO. Ltd. in 1994.. During those years, Ran enjoyed great global experiences in developing
business strategy, evaluating investment opportunities, operation management and general
management. Ran also had an unique experience during the summer internship. He worked
for US department of Interior in both DC and US Virgin Island for a consulting project of
local economic development.Ran was born in Dalian, China, a very beautiful port and
immigrated to Canada a couple of years ago. He is 31 years old and has a variety of
interests including archery, volleyball, flute playing and history reading .

David Mes (WG’05)
Before studying at Wharton, David was an Investment Manager at the NeSBIC CTE Fund, a
pan-European technology venture capital fund based in The Netherlands, David was a
board member of, a novel electricity distribution company that captured
significant market share in the Dutch electricity retail market within record time. Prior to
NeSBIC, David worked as a management consultant at Bain & Company (Paris, France),
and an investment banker at Lehman Brothers (London, UK) and Paribas (Sao Paulo,
Brazil). After Wharton, David plans to create his own company, most likely in the field of
microfinance. In addition to his professional pursuits, David co-founded a non-profit
organization helping communities in Ivory Coast to identify and satisfy their key
infrastructure needs. An avid traveler seeking to learn as much as possible from cultural
diversity, David already visited more than 30 countries, lived in seven of those and speaks
six different languages. He is also a competitive tennis and field hockey player. David
graduated with a Masters in Political Sciences and a Masters in Financial Economics from
the Institut d'Etudes Politiques, as well as a BA in Private Law from Sorbonne University in
Paris, France.

Ben Pettigrew (WG’05)
Prior to pursuing an MBA at Wharton and an MA in International Studies at Penn’s School
of Arts and Sciences, Ben was responsible for identifying and analyzing investment
opportunities for Dallas-based Clearview Investments, Ltd., a boutique firm making principal
investments in real estate, private equity, and other asset categories. Since 1994, Ben also
had been managing a real estate investment company he had co-founded through which he
had acquired ten properties in four states. In addition to his professional pursuits, Ben also
worked to improve the quality of life for thousands of Brazilians as a volunteer missionary in
the beautiful, yet impoverished region of northeastern Brazil. Ben has a Bachelor of Arts in
history from Harvard University and a Master of Science in Real Estate Development from

Anya Scheiss (WG’05)
Until June 2003, Anya was a consultant in the pharmaceutical and medical products
practice of McKinsey & Company, a global strategy management consulting firm. Since
January 2003, Anya has volunteered for the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential
Foundation (WJCPF) where she focuses on the HIV/AIDS Initiative. At the WJCPF, she
works to develop HIV/AIDS care and treatment programs in the Eastern Caribbean States,
including needs assessment, scaling up of infrastructure, and costing programs. From
1999-2001, while in college, she worked for US Bancorp Piper Jaffray as an equity analyst
covering biotechnology companies.       In addition, she has worked in mergers and
acquisitions investment banking at Lehman Brothers and as a business development
analyst at IZEX Technologies. Post-graduation, Anya would like to gain industry experience
in the healthcare sector before embarking on a career in public policy focusing on
healthcare and international development. Anya graduated cum laude from the Woodrow
Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University. Her individual
research focused on the role of the international financial markets in the development of
corporate governance in China. Anya is proficient in Mandarin Chinese.

Arthur Gregg Sulzberger

Emmanuel Tahar (WG’05)
Emmanuel worked for Bain & Company’s Los Angeles office before starting at Wharton. He
transferred permanently to the L.A. office in 2002, after three years as a consultant in the
Paris office. He worked on numerous assignments in Europe, with a specific focus on
advisory services to private equity investors. Before joining Bain, Emmanuel worked as a
software engineer. At Wharton, Emmanuel is hoping to major in Entrepreneurship and
Finance. He received a Master of Science from Ecole Centrale Paris, and earned a
Diploma in Computer Science with Distinction from the University of Cambridge.

Michael Thoyer (MBA ’05)
Michael previously worked as an Associate in the Mergers & Acquisitions and Media &
Telecom Groups at Credit Suisse First Boston in New York. He intends to major in Finance
and Entrepreneurial Management. After graduating from Wharton, Michael intends to
pursue a career in private equity, specializing in the Media and Telecom sectors. Michael
graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Economics and International Relations
from Brown University.

Anne Titterington (WG ’05)
Prior to Wharton Anne worked as an IT consultant in Europe and Australia. At Wharton
Anne is hoping to major in Finance and Strategic Management. She graduated with a
Bachelor of Arts in Law from Oxford University. She enjoys traveling and is looking forward
to ticking off her final continent.

Raghav Sharma (WG ’04)
Prior to pursuing an MBA at Wharton, Raghav co-founded and operated iRail, LLC, a public
transit-industry focused provider of supply chain technology solutions. Before iRail, he was
an analyst in JP Morgan’s Telecom, Media & Technology Investment Banking Group in New
York, focused on merger, acquisitions and hostile defenses in the telecommunications and
technology industries. At Wharton, Raghav has been active in the Wharton Graduate
Association, the Volunteer Admissions Committee, and the Technology Club. In addition to
his professional and academic interests, Raghav is active in the South Asian entrepreneur
community and is an avid runner and traveler. He also holds an AB in Engineering and
Economics from Brown University.