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					                                              PROJECT FACTSHEET
                                        Delaware Bay Coastline, DE & NJ
                                             Villas and Vicinity, NJ
                                                       October 2008


APPROPRIATION / PHASE:                                                 BUSINESS PROGRAM:
Construction, General                                                  Ecosystem Restoration

AUTHORITY: Title I, Section 101 (a) (14) of WRDA 1999.

LOCATION: The project area is located within Middle and Lower Townships, Cape May
County along the Delaware Bay Coastline in New Jersey.

DESCRIPTION: The plan for the purpose of ecosystem restoration at Villas and vicinity is an
80-foot wide berm over a project length of 29,000 feet. The plan entails a one-time placement of
sand for horseshoe crab and shorebird habitat. The estimated initial project cost is $7.2 million.

STATUS: FY04 funds were added to initiate construction. FY06 funds were used to continue the
Limited Reevaluation Report (LRR) which updates costs and shows continued project viability.
The initiation of initial construction is dependent on the establishment of an adequate funding
stream. The next steps toward initial construction once adequate funding is received is to
complete the LRR; develop, approve and execute the Project Partnership Agreement; acquire the
necessary real estate; complete plans and specifications; and advertise and award the construction
contract. To date, the FY 09 budget has not been approved. If this project receives additional
funding in FY 09, project tasks will be determined based on the level of funding.

TIMELINE             Start Complete       Comments
Initial Construction TBD      TBD Dependent on adequate funding

FINANCIAL                                                   BUDGET
DATA ($000)                Fed Non-Fed Total                DATA ($000) Comments
Preconstr. Engr. & Design               1,021               FY 05    45
Initial Construction      9,893  4,921 14,814               FY 06 1,675

SPONSOR: New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

PROJECT MANAGER:              Dwight Pakan
                              (215) 656-6785

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