South Bronx Community Action The by fjwuxn


									South Bronx Community Action Theatre          The Vasulkas                                    Wagner College
Barney Gelfand                                (Woody & Steina)                                John Cook
345 Brook Ave.                                111 East 14th St .                              Staten Island
Bronx, New York 10454                         New York City 10003                             New York 10301
MO 5-8448                                     (212) 473-2054                                  390-3153
They have two closed circuit consols . Doc-   Working with various types of 1/2" video
umentary taping, taping of community          equipment . Involved in community ac-
planning, music convention .                  tion, music, dance and experimental art .       Walter Wright
                                                                                              66 Milton Rd.
Space Videoarts                                                                               Apt. H42
                                              VEGA                                            Rye, New York 10580
Frank Cavestani                               Guy Pignolet
                                                                                              (914) %7-2466
344 W . 36th St.                              Video Center
New York City 10018                           Uris Library
(212)947-4671                                 Cornell Univ .
Have available Sony ½" equipment . Work       Ithaca, N .Y . 14&50
with new performance groups in rehearsal      Working with both CV and AV Sony 1/2"           OHIO
and documentation of techniques, pro-         equipment . They have gone all over the
ductions and research . Wish to establish     East Coast with university-loaned equip-
tape exchange .                               ment to make recordings .                       Antioch College
                                                                                              Bob Devine/Jac Marsh
                                              Video Access Inc.
                                                                                              Yellow Springs, Ohio
                                              Sandy Leeder
Syracuse University                                                                           Have been doing extensive programming
                                              227 West 13th St.
Carl Geiger                                                                                   which is shown to Yellow Springs commu-
                                              New York City 10011
Jabberwocky                                                                                   nity and soon Great Lakes colleges . . .
                                              (212) 924-2607
311 Waverfy Ave                                                                               been using both studio and 1/2" equip-
                                              Working with Sony 1/2" equipment . Want
Syracuse, New York                                                                            ment . Contact them for complete listings
                                              to do video exchange with high school
Has developed its video system from one                                                       and possibilities of exchange .
                                              students in N .Y . and the deep South . Pred-
of basic production capabilities to a com-
                                              ominantly concerned with video taping at
plete CCTV distribution and production
                                              the integral Yoga Institute in New York
system . Have hooked up entire school for                                                     Bowling Green University
closed-ciruit programming .                                                                   Bill Gubbens
                                              Video Coop                                      WBGU TV-70
                                              c/o Manhattan College                           Bowling Green, Ohio 43403
Tapeview Productions, Inc .
                                              Student Govt Office                             (419) 372-2676
Stewart Kaplan
                                              Thomas Hall                                     Work at an ETV/public station in the uni-
34 West 36th St.
                                              Riverdale, N.Y. 10471                           versity . Have access to Panasonic 1/2"
New York, New York 10018
                                              Are using Panasonic 1/2" equipment . The        equipment, Ampex 1" equipment and IVC
(212) 947-5715                                                                                1" equipment. Interested in the formation
Have assortment of Sony 1/2" equipment        co-op will broadcast to students, faculty
                                              and administration . Have studio .              of a company on the line of Videofreex.
which is used for production of closed cir-
cuit programs for entertainment, and
commercial usage .
                                              Video Community at Westbeth                     Fred Harrier
                                              Ann Douglas/AI Katzman                          4 1/2 .W. State
City University
                                              463 West St.                                    Athens, Ohio
Randy Tamer
                                              New York City 10014                             (614) 593-6572
33 West 42nd St. #1403
New York City 10036                           (212) 243-2201
Has access to Sony 1/2" equipment as well     Own and have access to Sony 1/2" equip-
                                              ment . An artist housing complex which          Stephen A. Kelbick
as Ampex and Norelco 1" equipment.
                                              through a closed-circuit cable system is        Box 340
                                              programming materials gathered from             3455 Murray HUI Rd .
                                              local New York groups as well as material       Cleveland, Ohio 44106
Trafco, Inc.
                                              organized at Westbeth itself to all resi-       (216) 795-7824
Peter Francis/Bruce Mosher
475 Riverside Drive Suite #420                dents within the complex .
(212) 633-8900
                                                                                              Tim Mabee
Using Sony 1/2", Ampex 1" and Motorola,       Video Exchange
Ampex modified 1" equipment .                 David Schiller/Michael Temmer
                                                                                              Antioch Union
                                              500 La Guardia PI .
                                                                                              Yellow Springs, Ohio
                                              New York City 10012
                                                                                              (513) 767-7715
The Ultimate Mirror                           Have Panasonic 1/2" deck as well as Ampex
308 West 82nd St.                             (helical scan) 2" deck . A videotape re-
New York City 10024                           cording unit primarily for dancers . Inter-
                                                                                              Robert Mueller
(212) BE 3-3300                               ested in making dance self-supporting
                                                                                              612 Oak St.
Work with 1/2" video equipment. Are in-       through the rental of videotaped perform-
                                                                                              Dayton, Ohio 45409
terested in exchanging tapes . Write them     ances to high schools, colleges, universi-
                                              ties, and other commumity outlets.              (513) 223-1465
for their tape list.
Unilox Inc.
48-20 70th St.
Woodside, N .Y . 11377                        Videofreex
(212) 651-2258                                Maple Tree Farm
Have Panasonic 1/2" and 1" equipment be-      Lanesville, N .Y . 12450
sides a videostrobe 800 .                     (914) 688-7084
                                              Have extensive amount of Sony 1/2" equip-
                                              ment as well as a 1" editing deck . Working
Urbex Affiliates, Inc.                        for a long time in New York City . Moved
Larry C . Coppard                             out of the city to set up a Mobile Video
365 Rockingham St.                            Bus which would go around to various
Rochester, N .Y . 14620                       New York communities in New York State .
(716) 275-0535                                Some of their members are currently in-
Own and have access at local ed . inst .      volved in projects outside the country . A
Sony 1/2" equipment . Using video in train-   technical video manual will be put out in
ing community groups in how to deal with      early Spring dealing with repair/modifica-
community programs .                          tion procedures .

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