A Guide to Hot and Spicy Peppers by primusboy


									A Guide to Hot and Spicy Peppers!
The impact of using hot and spicy peppers in any recipe can maximize the
flavor of the dish and give it a real kick. A naturally occurring
substance called capsaicinoids creates the burning sensation in the
mouth, watering eyes, running noses and perspiration, an experience that
some many devotees of the pepper enjoy.
Being high in vitamin C (a valuable antioxidant) and thought to help thin
the blood, peppers are a healthy addition to the diet.
The hottest part of the pepper is the white section or "ribs" inside as
well as the seeds: removal of these sections can dampen the pepper's
flavor but gloves should always be worn when doing this to avoid burns to
the skin.
There are many recognized varieties of peppers including (from hottest to
* Habanero from Yucatan, Caribbean.
* Scotch Bonnet (yellow) - Jamaica, Caribbean, Belize.
* Jamaican Hot - Jamaica and other Caribbean islands.
* Thai (green) - Southeast Asia, California.
* Cayenne (red) - Louisiana, Mexico, Asia, Africa.
* Serrano - Mexico, Southwest U.S.
* Wax (light yellow) - Mexico, California, Southwest U.S.
* Jalapeno (green) - Oaxaca, Chihauhau, Texas, Southwest U.S.
* Rocotillo - South America.
* Poblano - Puebla, Mexico City region, California.
* New Mexico - Rio Grande Valley.
* Pepperoncini - Mediterranean Basin, California.
* Bell Pepper - Holland, Mediterranean Basin, California.
* Sweet Italian - Mediterranean Basin, California.
As far as heat goes the general rule is that the smaller the pepper, the
hotter its flavor is. The sheer versatility of the pepper makes it a
mainstay in any chef's spice selection and as it can be dried, preserved
and even pickled it takes on a multitude of roles in the kitchen; a very
flavorsome sauce can also be made from the combining of peppers with
other ingredients, thus widening its long and varied list of uses.
It is also becoming popular to add peppers to some unlikely recipes
including chocolate based desserts, biscuits, and exotic drinks. Hot
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