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									Wine & Cheese? No, Thanks! Beer Goes Better With Cheese
Whenever you see a wedge of cheese or a plateful of different gourmet
cheeses, you are sure to find a bottle or two of wine. This is quite true
of most photos found in food magazines and even as features or screen
shots on food-related TV shows. Cheese goes with wine. Period. But have
you ever wondered why you just love munching on your favorite pizza
smothered with extra cheese while drinking beer? Or smacking all of your
fingers after putting a mouthful of nachos drizzled with cheese and
making it go down with beer? Got it? Oh, YES! It's because cheese goes
better with beer!
Cheese and beer have contrasting and complementing tastes that create a
new kind of combination for your taste buds. Since both cheese and beer
are fermented, beer tends to echo the flavors found in cheese, and thus,
it is easier to pair cheese with beer. Unlike with beer, pairing cheese
with different wines can be tricky. Experts say that beer complements the
taste of cheese and vice versa because both are produced in farms and
have the earthy, musty and yeasty kind of characteristics that can blend
well together. The cheese and beer combo can actually be traced back to
the Middle Ages in Belgium when monks produced cheese and beer of
excellent quality. This pair was part of their daily diet and source of
income. Nowadays, when you order beer in a bar in Belgium it will surely
be accompanied with a small bowl of cubed semi-soft cheese sprinkled with
celery salt.
Cheese and beer have the most harmonious match and balance because beer
is less acidic than wine thus giving your taste buds a better chance of
appreciating the rich taste of cheese. However, similar to the rules in
pairing wines with cheese, there are several guidelines you need to take
note of when preparing beer with cheese.
Rich and fruity beer - must be paired with extra sharp cheddar or
Mascarpone which is a formless cheese usually used for desserts and
Lighter beer or lager such as Harpoon Pilsner, Radeberger and Stella
Artios - can be paired with mild cheddar, Monterey Jack, American Cheese,
Muenster or Havarti.
Wheat beer - goes best with feta and goat cheese or any pungent cheese.
Dark beer or lagers - are paired with Swiss cheese, gruyere or emmental
Hoppy pale ales - goes best with parmesan, romano or spicy cheddar
International beer - pair with cheese from the same region or country
where it came from.
One very important tip to remember when pairing beer and cheese is to
complement tastes. Mild beers go with mild cheese and robust beers go
with robust cheese.
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