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					About Ice Wine
Of the many types of wine available, one of the most sought after is ice
wine. Ice wine is rare, and can only be produced in certain regions,
under certain weather conditions. Ice wine is produced in colder
temperatures, such as British Columbia, where the weather conditions are
right for the production of this type of wine. Ice wines can also be
found in the Pacific Northwest, and some other regions where the
temperatures are right.
Ice wine is produced in small quantities, making it rare and hard to
find. Because of this, ice wine is generally much more expensive than
other wines. There are some wines that are called ice wines that are
affordable, but true ice wine does come with a hefty price tag. The
cheaper ones are also called icebox wines, and are produced differently
than a true ice wine.
The weather conditions are critical for making a true ice wine. Ice wine
is pressed from frozen grapes. The grapes are left on the vine to fully
ripen, then when the weather reaches low enough temperatures, around -8
degrees C., the grapes freeze. Once frozen, the grapes are picked at
night, when the temperatures are coldest, and taken to be pressed.
The pressing also takes place in cold temperatures, so that the water in
the grapes remains frozen. The frozen grapes produce only a small amount
of juice, since the water in the grape is frozen. Because the grapes have
remained on the vine to fully ripen, and because the water is frozen, the
juice and the sugars that remain are incredibly concentrated, producing a
very flavorful juice. This juice is then fermented to produce ice wine.
The resulting product is a very concentrated, sweet wine. The high sugar
level also results in a slower fermentation process. So ice wine takes
longer to produce than a normal table wine.
There are also wines produced that are called ice wine, but they are
produced differently. The grapes are picked earlier, and then frozen
before pressing them for their juice. As a result, the flavors of the
grapes are not as fully developed as in ice wine. As stated above, these
wines are also known as icebox wines.
All of these factors, the particular weather conditions, and the sparse
amount of juice from each grape, are what makes ice wine so rare and
expensive. Ice wine is usually sold in half bottles, as opposed to
regular wine, which typically is sold in 750ml bottles. Most stores do
not sell ice wine, and it is hard to find online. Even if you can find
it, it may be a bit expensive. But if you can, it is well worth it. Ice
wine, because of the sugar content is very sweet, but not cloyingly so.
The acid helps to balance out the sweetness.
Once produced, ice wine will sell very quickly. If you find a wine maker
with some ice wine, you should do your best to pick up a bottle or two.
It will be expensive, but well worth it.
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