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Step Aerobics Step Aerobics


									Step Aerobics
Step aerobics is another form of aerobics. It is normally distinguished
from the other forms of aerobics with the most common inclusion of a
step. Most of the aerobic exercises are performed with the help of a
step. A step is nothing but an elevated plane. The steps are easily
available in many sporting or fitness shops.
The height of the step can be tailor made for an individual's
requirements. The inclusion of risers under the step helps in increasing
the height of the step as per the level of difficulty needed by the user.
Many fitness classes are known to incorporate step aerobics a part of the
regular exercising regime because of its various benefits.
There are various types of steps that are include in the step aerobic
movement. The common moves are the basic step the repeater knee the
lunges the L step the over the top step. There are many other steps that
are incorporated in the step aerobic regime. It is not necessary that for
a particular regime all the steps have to incorporate.
However most fitness instructors include as many of the steps as possible
in the regime. There are many regimes that can comprise of only one or
two steps but the most effective regimes comprise of as many steps as
possible. The instructors are usually instructing a group of people
This aids in coordination and group movement.
The instructors will often switch from one step to another quickly to
keep the exercise active and healthy. The instructors normally shift the
steps such that the movements are equal for both the legs and there no
compounded strain on the same leg.
As such care should be taken that while the shifting of the steps there
should be any occurred movements. This can lead to a sprain or a strain
in the leg. It is essential to stretch before and after the exercise to
help prevent from injuries.
These exercises also help to increase flexibility in the body that
reduces the chances of injuries.
The exercises work towards strengthening various muscle groups in the
body as well as bringing rhythm and coordination to the body.
The exercises are most commonly accompanied by music that make the
exercise more interesting and break the monotony of the normal exercise.
Because of the high activity level of the body it helps to have a healthy
cardio vascular system.
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