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Crystals For Ascendant in Virgo by primusboy


									Crystals For Ascendant in Virgo
August 23 - September 22
Ascendant Crystal: Blue Tourmaline
You appear to the world to be cool and efficient; you can be a hard
worker, very dependable and very service orientated. This all works
together with Blue Tourmaline which encourages your desire to have
blissful harmony and to be of service to your community and country,
which is very important to you.
You can be very organized and in a crisis you can appear cool, analytical
and rather detached; this allows you to embrace change and to have the
feeling of control.
The draw back for you in this, is that even though you appear this way,
underneath there is the feelings of lack of confidence. If you aren't
careful you will forever be the assistant rather than the boss. Carry
Blue Tourmaline with you always and it will create self-confidence and
help you resist the fear in succeeding in whatever you do.
You can tend to have negative thought patterns; which diminishes your
creative side and this crystal assists you in being able to speak out
when necessary in the appropriate manner and to shine in your life.
Over work and doing to much can be a definite tendency of yours and
others can lean on you overtly as you are efficient and dedicated in what
you do, but you want to learn to find balance in your work for others so
you can tap into your creative side and into the full potential for
You are able to organize, categorize and analyze with a sharp mind; you
are also very intuitive and have a quick wit, with all of these
characteristics this encourages you to live in harmony with yourself and
others as long as you stay balanced with the energy of Blue Tourmaline.
This crystal can be worn and/or carried along with the other crystals
that compliment your sun sign and your moon sign, which you can find out
by having a Crystal Reading.
Darlene has researched, practiced and implemented many spiritual and
personal growth paths: Crystal Readings for Vibrant Living; Feng Shui for
personal tranquility; Sacred Movements for a disciplined life; Gentle
Touch Energy Healer; Whole and organic food advocate-Food as Medicine;
Artist of hand woven and beaded amulet basket necklaces. She resides in
California in her own personal wellness center and sanctuary. She brings
her wisdom, knowledge and spiritual self to you in all that she does.
Darlene's mission is to teach and encourage individuals how to find and
maintain their balance in mind, body, spirit connection, which brings
peace, joy and prosperity into their lives. They learn how to experience
the joy of balanced living. She accomplishes this thru her Crystal
Readings for Vibrant Living and her Wellness Coach Program, which is
offer to individuals and corporations. Darlene Siddons Spirited Boutique

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