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					Rome Sightseeing, No Thanks - Bring on the Chocolate!
Life in a major Italian city such as Rome is chaotic and fast paced. As a
rule, most Italians wake up, get ready, and hit the local coffee bar for
an espresso or cappuccino and a little something sweet to boost their
metabolisms. Travelers on the other hand wake up with a packed itinerary.
Rome sightseeing can take a lot out of a person, hence working up an
appetite. If you're wondering where I'm going with this sequence, I'll
spare you any further suspense. Any excuse is a good one to indulge in a
delightful and chocolaty dose of heaven!
Moral of the story? No matter what the reason, no matter what the time of
day, no matter where in the world, below are ten unique ways to savor the
glorious hazelnut chocolate spread called Nutella.
1. Spread on bread
Keep it simple. Open up that lovely little (or big, now they even come in
a 3kg bucket!) jar, and use a knife or spoon to spread it over a nice
piece of soft warm bread.
2. Ice cream
Any self respecting Italian gelateria should have the flavor "variegato
con nutella" on its menu. This is normally a milk based simple creamy
gelato, with lumps of nutella running through it.
3. In place of hot fudge topping over ice cream
If your Rome sightseeing days are over and an Italian gelateria is
thousands of miles away, you needn't fret. Nutella has arrived in
supermarkets all over the world! All you need is a helping of vanilla ice
cream, and instead of the hot fudge you can heat a few spoons of nutella
and drizzle it on top. Serving suggestion: add a few chopped nuts and/or
cool whip.
4. Crepes
These delightful little pancakes come filled with just nutella, nutella
and cream, or nutella and banana or another type of fruit. All are
equally satisfying.
5. Tortes
Nutella tortes usually come in the lattice torte variety, with a hard
crust on the bottom and a criss cross flaky pattern on top. You may be
lucky enough to find these in a supermarket (especially in Italy), but
needless to say there is no topping the home made version.
6. Nutella Pizza
Don't knock it till you've tried it! A simple thin crust pizza dough,
cooked in a wood fired oven and then topped with nutella and
confectioner's sugar is a treat your taste buds won't soon forget
7. Nutella on fried dough
A very popular Italian fair or carnival food. Children of all ages (1-99)
adore it. How could one not?
8. Croissant
Italian croissants come in many ways, shapes, and with many fillings.
Plain, jam filled, honey filled, whole wheat, cream filled, and of
course, filled with nutella.
9. Right from the spoon (or off your finger)
When it comes down to it, why bother with opening acts. Sometimes it
really is better to go straight for the gold.
10. Directly off of one's significant other
For those who like the idea of getting the "pure stuff" but wouldn't mind
jazzing it up, here is the blue ribbon recipe.
Romantic room with dim lights (no lights could lead to a messy nutella
1 willing co-conspirator
Mix them all together with a little imagination and a lot of love. You
won't be disappointed!
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