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                 Introduction: Delphi
   It is Rapid Application Development (RAD )tool.

It is both a desktop and an enterprise application, mostly used
database and client server application.

   It is Single executable, easy deployment and distribution.

   It facilitates High level of source compatibility between versions.

   It is an object oriented programming language.
                Features: Delphi
   Dramatically reduce the development time and is user friendly

   Adds flexibility, speed and eminence to delphi application development.

VCL and third-party components are available freely with source code
and many tools.

   Supports multiple platform native code from the same source code

CrossKylix - a third-party toolkit which allows you to compile native
Kylix/Linux applications from inside the Windows Delphi IDE, thereby
enabling dual-platform development and deployment
                                      Our Services
   Delphi 5, 6, 7 Application Development
   Delphi Component Development (FTP, GUI, FAX , SNMP etc)
   Database Application Development using Delphi
   Mobile Application Development using Delphi
   Delphi Web development services
   Delphi Game development services
   Delphi .NET development services
   Delphi Enterprise Application Development
   Delphi based Product Development
   Delphi Application Migration
   Delphi Application Support and Maintenance
   Delphi application re-engineering
   Web Development with Delphi’s using visual (RAD) framework
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