Nylon Stockings and Allergic Reactions by primusboy


									Nylon Stockings and Allergic Reactions
Nylon can be a thin delicate fabric or it can be hardy enough to use as a
parachute. Either way, it will pay you handsomely to take care of it
properly to avoid an allergic reaction or death.
When used as the material in women's stockings or pantyhose, it is
sensual, soft, and hardy. Years ago, when it was first used as a
pantyhose stocking fabric, it was often the cause of serious yeast
infections or gave the wearer an allergic reaction to the fabric.
Originally nylon was an abrasive, allergy-intensive material that not
every woman was able to wear safely. Yeast infections were often
exacerbated or caused by the wearing of nylon pantyhose stockings.
The reason for this is stockings touch a woman's crotch which is a warm,
moist area where bacteria can hide. If bacteria are allowed a breeding
space such as Nylon provides, bacteria will cause serious discomfort,
embarrassment, odour and other health problems
Today with proper care and attention, nylon pantyhose stockings are an
economical and hardy fabric for women to wear safely. But always remember
to look for good quality nylon pantyhose that have the cotton gusset in
the crotch.
It is very important to wash the stockings after each wear. Wear them
once and then hand wash in a mild soap and rinse well. Dry in sunshine
and breeze if possible or hang to drip dry in a cool, well ventilated
area. If possible, do not put them into clothes dryer to dry.
If you urgently need to wear stockings that haven't been allowed to dry
'naturally' and have to use a clothes dryer to dry them, be sure to place
your stockings into a stocking bag before putting them into a dryer.
A stocking bag can be easily purchased from most supermarkets or wherever
you purchase your nylon pantyhose stockings. A good stocking bag is
aerated, delicate material designed to stop the nylon stockings from
stretching out of shape when being machine washed or dried.
The best way to avoid an allergic reaction to nylon stockings is to
always keep them clean.
Ladies Stockings are more than a sensual garment. Some women are allergic
to nylon. Do you know someone who is?

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