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Food Allergy 100 - History


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									Food Allergy 100 - History
How allergic reactions develop
When you first ingest a potentially allergenic food, you might not
exhibit symptoms, but your immune system mistakenly prepares to protect
you against it. The next time you eat that same food your body releases
chemicals that cause symptoms such as eczema or even life-threatening
reactions such as anaphylaxis.
Food allergies usually begin in childhood and the person might carry it
for life. There are some allergies, such as milk allergy, that may be
outgrown with time.
There is a difference between food allergy and food intolerance. People
who suffer from food intolerance are not able to digest or process
specific foods properly, resulting in bloating, abdominal pain, wind,
vomiting, or diarrhea. The problem usually results from enzyme
deficiency; this enzyme is required by the body to digest some foods.
Unlike food allergies, intolerances are usually not dangerous or life-
Allergy history
It is estimated that by the age of two, five to eight percent of all
children may develop a food allergy. It should be noted that studies
suggest children with a family history of allergies may be two to four
times more likely to develop an allergy or intolerance.
Prevention against allergies and intolerances should start as soon as
possible, especially when your child is just a baby. Infancy is an
especially vulnerable time for food allergies to develop. According to
some studies, babies who are exclusively breast-fed for a prolonged
period, develop less eczema and wheezing in the first year of life
compared to babies who are fed cow's or soya milk formula. Babies
especially should void allergy medicine and drugs whenever possible due
to their possible side-effects, and undertake natural allergy cures and
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