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					National Council on Black American Affairs American Association of Community Colleges
                                                                                                                                         Fall 2006zz

Delores A. Parker Receives 2006
Leadership Award from the National
Council on Black American Affairs
Dr. Delores A. Parker, vice president        continued funding for the North
for Academic and Student Services of         Carolina Transitional Assistance
the North Carolina Community College         to Biomedical Sciences grant
System Office, received one of three         from the National Institutes
Leadership Awards from the NCBAA             of Health to increase the
during the 86th Annual Convention of         participation of minority
the American Association of Community        students in baccalaureate
Colleges.                                    programs.
                                                                                      Delores A. Parker receives the NCBAA Leadership Award
Parker, who has led the Academic             In presenting the award,             from NCBAA National President Calvin E. Woodland.
and Student Services division since          Dr. Calvin Woodland, president
November 1999, was recognized for her        of the National Council on Black
commitment to improving educational          American Affairs and president of               Inside this Issue
opportunities and professional               Capital Community College in Hartford,          Greetings ........................................... 2
development for African-American             Conn., noted “Dr. Parker is a social
students, faculty and administrators in      activist who is forever vigilant to the         NCBAA Goals, Mission & Values .......... 2
the community college system.                causes that insure justice and fairness         Palm Beach chapter hosts a variety
                                             for the African-American community.”            of activities .......................................... 3
The Leadership Award, presented during
the annual NCBAA breakfast on April          Also attending the event in support                     Busy Agenda for St. Petersburg College
23 in Long Beach, Calif., recognizes         of Parker were H. Martin Lancaster,                     NCBAA Chapter ................................... 3
her commitment to initiating programs        president of the North Carolina                         NCBAA creates partnership with similar
emphasizing access, success and              Community College System, Kenneth L.                    organization overseas ......................... 3
retention of African-American males          Whitehurst, associate vice president for
                                                                                                     Lawson State Dedicates $10-Million
in postsecondary education. Parker’s         Academic and Student Services for the                   Technology Building ............................ 4
leadership led to the first North Carolina   system, and Wanda White, director of
Community College System 2005                Student Development services for the                    Florida Community College at
Minority Male Mentoring Best Practices       system.                                                 Jacksonville executive dean honored ... 4
Conference.                                                                                          NCBAA/BCC Members conduct
                                             “Dr. Parker has been a visionary                        study tour in Ghana ............................. 4
She also led a highly successful             leader whose work in support
partnership with North Carolina Central      of underrepresented students in                         Jimmie Ford on North Carolina State
University to host the 2006 conference       postsecondary education is a hallmark of                Board of Community Colleges ............. 5
“African-American Males in Education:        excellence in preparing a highly trained                North Carolina State Board of
Collective Works and Responsibility.”        workforce through the North Carolina                    Community Colleges welcomes
                                             Community College system,”                              new member ........................................ 5
She has been instrumental in obtaining       Lancaster said.
Achieving the Dream funding from                                                                     Florida African-American Education
                                                                                                     Alliance Annual Recognition Program .. 5
the Lumina Foundation to increase
the success of community college                                                                     NCBAA Southern Region
students, particularly those who have                                                                Board of Directors .............................. 6
been underserved in postsecondary                                                                    Join NCBAA Board of Directors ........... 6
education, and instrumental in gaining
                                                                                                     Submit articles ................................... 6
Greetings from the drum of                                          NCBAA Goals, Mission and Values
Donald L. Cleveland                                                 The National Council on Black American Affairs
                                                                    serves as a collaborative voice, promoting the
                                                                    academic success of African-American students,
Dear Colleagues:                                                    faculty, staff and administrators.

As president of the National Council on Black American Affairs-     GOALS
Southern Region, NCBAA-SO, I take great pleasure in welcoming
you to this year’s exciting conference. It is our 26th meeting      The role of NCBAA in higher education remains
of the Southern Region,                                             of significant importance, as reflected by the
                                                                    following strategic goals:
and provides another
opportunity for us to                                               • To create a collegial environment that enhances the access
                                                                      and success of African-American students in community
assemble and address
the goals of NCBAA-SO,                                              • To strengthen relationships with policy development and
with the primary goal of                                              funding sources to support creative initiatives for African-
advancing educational                                                 American students, faculty, staff and administrators.
opportunities for African-                                          • To expand leadership development and opportunities
American students in                                                  for African-American students, faculty, staff and
                                                                      administrators in community colleges.
community colleges.                                                 • To promote an organizational culture that strengthens
                                                                      and supports the professional growth of faculty, staff and
Our theme for this year,
“Freeing Your Mind:                                                 • To enhance the knowledge, talents, abilities, and skills
Breaking Barriers to                                                  of African-American students, faculty, staff and
Cultural, Educational, and                                            administrators to function effectively within the world
Economic Development,”                                                of emerging information technology.
affords us an excellent
foundation to identify and                                          MiSSiON
eliminate those challenges                                          NCBAA is committed to the following mission:
that impede the progress
                                      Donald L. Cleveland            • Improving diversity and resultant educational
of African-American                                                    opportunities and professional development for African-
students, faculty, staff and                                           American students, faculty, staff and administrators.
administrators within community college systems. We urge             • Developing collaborative relationships with educational,
you to attend and participate in the innovative sessions and           business, governmental and public service organizations
workshops, and take this information back to your respective           with compatible goals.
institutions to share with others.                                   • Networking to maximize the achievement of career
                                                                       goals for African-American students, faculty, staff
NCBAA-SO is indebted to Dr. Larry Calderon, president of               and administrators.
Broward Community College, for agreeing to host and support
                                                                     • Articulating positions on issues affecting African-Americans
this conference. We also would like to commend Professor               in the formulation of policy and decision-making.
Kisha King, conference chair, and the conference planning
committee for their dedication and hard work in making this         VALueS
conference possible. Now, we need YOU to make it happen!
                                                                    NCBAA acknowledges the worth of the individual
Lastly, as always, I challenge you to do at least two things        and affirms its belief in the following shared values:
as a result of attending this conference: 1) meet each Board         • Lifelong learning and development for all people.
member and let him/her know what we can do to make                   • Collegial sharing of information and ideas.
NCBAA-SO an even better organization, and 2) commit to
                                                                     • Access to higher education for all people; increased
supporting your local chapter or commit to chartering a                access for the underserved.
chapter if you do not have one.
                                                                     • Diversity of people, ideas and learning styles.
Here’s wishing you an “edutaining” time in sunny Fort Lauderdale!    • Teaching excellence and innovation through intellectual,
                                                                       social, cultural, and technological enrichment.
                                                                     • Partnerships with federal, state and local entities that
Yours toward “freeing your mind,”                                      share similar missions, goals and objectives.
                                                                     • Volunteerism for causes, objectives and purposes
Donald L. Cleveland                                                    supportive of the aims of NCBAA.

President                                                            • Recognition of excellence.
                                                                     • Role modeling to enhance student achievement and
                                                                       teaching performance, as well as staff and administrative

Palm Beach chapter hosts a variety                                                           Busy Agenda for
                                                                                             St. Petersburg College
of activities year round                                                                     NCBAA Chapter
The 2005-06 school year was an                                                               The Dr. Johnnie Ruth Clarke chapter of
exciting and busy one for the                                                                NCBAA, located at St. Petersburg College
NCBAA chapter at Palm Beach                                                                  in Florida, had a busy agenda for the
Community College in Florida.                                                                2005-06 fiscal year as members planned
The chapter kicked off the school                                                            and participated in a number of activities
year with a Welcome Luncheon                                                                 and programs to promote the vision of
for the new provost for the Belle                                                            NCBAA and the mission of St. Petersburg
Glade Campus, Beverly Robinson.                                                              College. Chapter members:
Because of the impact that                                                                    • Marched in the annual Martin Luther
hurricanes had in the area                                                                      King, Jr. parade in St. Petersburg.
last year, the chapter donated                                                                • Participated in the Florida African-
$1,000 to aid displaced families    The newly elected NCBAA e-board for Palm Beach              American Heritage Celebration on
in the Belle Glade community        Community College are (left to right): Marvita Davis,       Saturday, Feb. 25.
                                    secretary; Earl Bryant, president; Olivia Morris, vice
after Hurricane Wilma, and also     president of programs; Dr Quincy Moore, Palm Beach        • Hosted informational meetings for the
adopted three families for the      Community College vice president of student services;       Dr. Johnnie Ruth Clarke scholarship
Christmas holidays, providing       and Dr. Barry Moore, vice president of membership.
                                                                                                students. St. Petersburg College
them with food and gift cards.      The chapter held a welcome luncheon for Moore.
                                                                                                awards this scholarship to students
To end the semester, the annual Holiday        place, a $750 scholarship for second             who have excelled academically. The
Dinner feast was held in conjunction with      place, and $500 scholarship for third            Chapter established a mentoring
a surprise retirement celebration for John     place. During commencement, NCBAA                program for the scholarship students.
Jenkins, one of the charter members of         presented four graduating sophomores           • Planned and participated in the
the chapter.                                   scholarships of $500.                            annual Dr. Mac J. Williams Academic
In the spring semester, the chapter                                                             Excellence Awards Program. This
                                               To end the school year, NCBAA
co-sponsored the annual Martin Luther                                                           program honors Pinellas County
                                               sponsored its second annual Juneteenth
King Breakfast with the Collegewide                                                             African-American middle and high
                                               Celebration at World Famous, a local soul
Diversity Committee. The event featured                                                         school students who have excelled
                                               food restaurant, and featured a video
Juan Williams, senior correspondent for                                                         academically.
                                               presentation, games with prizes and
National Public Radio’s Morning Edition.       feast.                                         • In June, hosted the collegewide
                                                                                                retirement celebration for
For Black History Month, the chapter           At the end of the summer term, the               St. Petersburg College Vice President
continued its tradition of sponsoring          chapter sponsored a luncheon to welcome          for Educational and Student Services
an annual Comedy/Talent Scholarship            and introduce Dr. Quincy Moore, the new          Willie B. Felton, Jr.
Explosion, emceed by nationally known          vice president of Student Services, to
comedian Arvin Mitchell. The winners           college administrators, faculty, staff and     • Planned and participated in a number
received a $1,000 scholarship for first        students.                                        of activities and programs (gospel
                                                                                                concerts, a cultural festival, African-
                                                                                                American Read In, student leadership
NCBAA creates partnership with                 “The Network for Black Managers and              forum, career forum and academic
similar organization overseas                  the NCBAA share the same mission,                excellence award ceremonies) in
                                               goals and values,” Dr. Calvin Woodland,          celebration of African-American
NCBAA has created a partnership with           NCBAA national president, said of the            History Month.
The Network for Black Managers in the          partnership. “They are aligned to one
United Kingdom.                                common purpose, which is to advance
The Network for Black Managers was             the equality of opportunity for Black
founded in 1998. Among its objectives          professionals and Black students.
are 1) to enhance the quality of the           “Also, we aim to have a long-term
learning experience for black learners         impact helping to shape the public
through positive teaching and learning         policy agenda in relation to social
strategies, mentoring and role modeling,       justice and education opportunity for
and 2) to increase the numbers of black        both our constituencies, in the states
staff, especially at senior and middle         as well as in Britain. By building on this      Members of the Dr. Johnnie Ruth Clarke
management levels, so that they properly                                                       chapter of NCBAA: George Greenlee, left,
                                               common mission, we also will serve to
                                                                                               membership chair and Roy Slater,
reflect the ethnic diversity of learners in    raise concerns of international import          president, march in the Dr. Martin Luther
colleges, and national, regional and local     because we are both dealing with                King Jr. Day parade in St. Petersburg, Fla.
demographics.                                  global issues.”
                                                                                                                            NCBAA 3
NCBAA/BCC Members conduct
study tour in Ghana
Broward Community College, located in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.,
conducted its annual Study Abroad Program to Africa,
June 28-July 12.
This year’s program allowed participants to travel to Ghana
to study many important sites and locations including:
Accra, the capital of Ghana; Kumasi, home of the Ashanti
people; Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park; the W.E.B. Dubois
Center for Pan African Culture; the University of Ghana, Legon;
Elmina and the Cape Coast slave castles. The program offered
students an opportunity to receive three credits in Social
Sciences to be applied toward a degree.                            Pictured are course participants along with Professor Kisha King,
                                                                   president of NCBAA/BCC, second from left on the back row;
BCC’s 2007 Summer Study Abroad Program will allow students         Levi Williams, chairperson of BCC’s Board of Trustees, fifth from
to travel to Senegal and The Gambia in West Africa in late June    left on back row, Georgette Sosa-Douglass, member of BCC’s Board
                                                                   of Trustees, third from right on front row; and Donald Cleveland,
to early July for two weeks. Anyone interested in enrolling in
                                                                   president of NCBAA-Southern Region, extreme right on first row.
the program, or in acquiring additional information, should
contact Donald Cleveland at (954) 201-6572 or

Lawson State Dedicates $10-Million                                 Florida Community College at
Technology Building                                                Jacksonville executive dean honored
Technology has a new place to thrive on                                                 Dr. Brenda Simmons, FCCJ North Campus
Lawson State Community College’s campus                                                 executive dean, received the Quality
in Alabama. The Perry W. Ward Advanced                                                  Leadership Award from FCCJ on Aug. 24.
Technology Building was officially dedicated
in April. A host of influential representatives                                         Positive and upbeat in her approach to
witnessed this monumental moment in                                                     work, Simmons has interacted within the
Lawson State’s history, including local and                                             college community in a variety of roles.
state government officials and educators.                                               Her record of accomplishments has
                                                  Perry W. Ward     Brenda Simmons
                                                                                        brought acclaim to FCCJ and motivation
With Lawson State’s futuristic architecture and unconventional     to students, faculty and staff.
design, the Perry W. Ward Advanced Technology Building
will be a significant instrument to help improve the lives of      Her open-door policy has allowed students the flexibility and
students, corporations, communities and the world.                 freedom to seek her guidance and direction in navigating their
“This facility will truly make a difference in this community,”    field of dreams. Her project management skills are impeccable
said the honoree, Lawson State President Dr. Perry W. Ward.        as evidenced in numerous successfully written accreditation
                                                                   self studies, new program implementation and local
The $10-million building houses the Alabama Center for             partnerships, creating broad-based scholarship and educational
Advanced Technology and Training, which will provide highly        opportunities for students at home and abroad.
developed training in existing and emerging technologies. The
facility includes state-of-the-art distance-learning components,   Simmons has developed alliances with faculty members across
offices, classrooms, conference rooms, a technology theatre,       the college, enabling them to successfully pursue and reach
an archives room, guest/visitor rooms, unfinished space for        creative and innovative solutions to student success initiatives.
furniture design and use, and technology exhibition spaces.        Simmons is a catalyst for change, manages things quietly and
                                                                   treats responsibilities as her very soul.

Jimmie Ford on North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges
                    North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley has             “It is an honor to serve on the State Board,” said Ford. “I am
                    appointed a Wayne County native to              happy to be able to give back to a system that changed my life.”
                    the State Board of Community Colleges.
                    Jimmie E. Ford, a former state legislator,      H. Martin Lancaster, president of the North Carolina Community
                    a former Wayne County commissioner,             College System, also is a Wayne County native and says he is
                    and retired associate vice president at         thrilled to have someone of Ford’s caliber on the Board.
                    Wayne Community College, is a strong and        “Jimmie is an excellent addition to this group of dedicated
                    knowledgeable addition to the group that        individuals who are committed to making our community
   Jimmie Ford      governs the 58 community colleges across        colleges the best in the country,” said Lancaster. “His experience
North Carolina.                                                     in the System and in local and state government will benefit the
Ford knows firsthand the value of a community college               state board. We are thrilled to have him join us.”
education. He graduated from Wayne Community College with           Ford serves on the Policy Committee and a special SBCC
a double major in Business Administration and Mental Health.        Committee that responds to recommendations made by the
The U. S. Army veteran then earned a bachelor’s degree in           state auditor. His term ends June 30, 2011.
Behavioral Sciences from Shaw University and a master’s degree
in Adult Education from North Carolina State University. He was     Ford, a deacon at Barnes Missionary Baptist Church, is married
employed at Wayne Community College for 37 years.                   to the former Priscilla Spruill. They have two children.

North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges welcomes new member
Jonathan Smith, a 4.0 G.P.A. student         representative on the North Carolina          “I do not by any means take this
at Roanoke-Chowan Community                  State Board of Community Colleges in          responsibility lightly,” said Smith.
College, Ahoskie, N.C., and president        July. He took the oath of office from         “I promise to work hard, listen to our
of the North Carolina Comprehensive          Associate Supreme Court Justice Patricia      students, and serve all that have placed
Community College Student Government         Timmons-Goodson.                              their trust and faith in me by sharing
Association, became the new student                                                        their concerns and ideas with you.”
                                                                                           After his oath of office, State Board
Florida African-American                     quality programs for African-American         Chairwoman Hilda Pinnix-Ragland, who
                                             students in the areas of recruitment,         is the first African-American to serve as
Education Alliance Annual                    retention and community outreach.             chairperson, offered her full support
Recognition Program                          Florida Community College at                  to Smith as he provides leadership and
The Florida African-American Education       Jacksonville was recognized for its           voice for the 800,000 students in the
Alliance held its annual recognition         College Bound Programs – including            North Carolina Community College
program on Jan.16. Gov. Jeb Bush was         College Reach Out, FAME, GRADS,               System.
the keynote speaker. In his presentation,    Upward Bound, the Kids and Karate
Bush cited statistics showing that Florida   Program and the Jacksonville Black
is stronger than ever and moving in the      History Calendar. State educational
right direction in education. He cited the   leaders, including David Armstrong,
benchmarks before and after the A+ Plan      chancellor of Florida’s Community
that was implemented in 1998-99. Bush        College and Workforce Education, were
said that among the gains: nearly half       present to recognize and honor award
of Florida’s community colleges are in       recipients.
the nation’s top 100 and five are in the
top 10 of associate’s degrees granted.       The Florida African-American Education
Further, he cited increases in the           Alliance is an outreach organization
                                                                                           In July 2006, Jonathan Smith, a 4.0 GPA
number of students enrolled who have         designed to disseminate accurate
                                                                                           student at Roanoke-Chowan Community
successfully transferred into the State      information about Florida’s education         College in Ahoskie, N.C. and president of the
University System.                           reforms and to encourage the active           North Carolina Comprehensive Community
                                             involvement and partnership of African-       College Student Government Association,
In the Alliance’s recognition program,                                                     joined the State Board of Community
                                             American students, parents, educators
Florida Community College at                 and communities toward the continued
Jacksonville, along with Lake-Sumter         improvement of education in Florida.
Community College, Indian River
Community College, and Palm Beach            For more information on the Florida
Community College received awards for        African-American Education Alliance, visit
                                                                                                                           NCBAA 5
NCBAA Southern Region Board of Directors                                         Join the NCBAA Southern
                                                                                 Region’s Board of Directors
Donald Cleveland                           Gwendolyn Drumgoole
President, NCBAA Southern Region           Treasurer                             To be considered for a Board position,
Broward Community College                  Houston Community College System      you must:
3501 SW Davie Road                         3100 Main Street
                                           Houston, TX 77002                      • Be a member of NCBAA-SO in good
Davie, FL 33314
                                           E-mail:          standing for a minimum of one year.
Phone: (954) 201-6572
Fax: (954) 201-6238                                                               • Have access to a travel budget in
E-mail:               Dr. Louise Gooche                        order to attend two official Board
                                           Board Member                             meetings per year – the Summer
Leonard Bruton                             Retired                                  Meeting and the Fall Conference
Vice President – Organizational Vitality   88 Periwinkle Place                      Meeting (usually in October).
Palm Beach Community College               Durham, NC 27713
                                           E-mail:              • Submit a letter of intent for Board
3000 Saint Lucie Avenue
                                                                                    membership to the NCBAA-SO
Boca Raton, FL 33431
E-mail:                   Dr. Roland Moore
                                           Board Member                           • Be present at the General
Dr. Brenda Simmons                         J. Sargeant Reynolds Community           Membership Meeting during the
Vice President – Programs                  College                                  Fall Conference.
Florida Community College                  700 East Jackson Street
at Jacksonville                            Richmond, VA 23219
4501 Capper Rd.                            E-mail:
Jacksonville, FL 32218
                                                                                 Submit an article for the
E-mail:                  Kenneth L. Whitehurst                 NCBAA newsletter
                                           Board Member                          Please send articles, updates or any
Roy Slater                                 NC Community College System Office    other items of interest to Roy Slater
Vice President – Public Relations          5016 Mail Service Center              at Items
St. Petersburg College                     Raleigh, NC 27699-5016                must be sent electronically in a word
Clearwater Campus                          E-mail:                               document, and photos must be sent
2465 Drew Street                    in a .jpg format.
Clearwater, FL 34625
Phone: (727) 791-2550
                                                                                 Learn more about the
Gretchen M. Bell                                                                 NCBAA Southern Region
Vice President – Membership
Piedmont Community College                                                       For a membership application and more
PO Box 1197                                                                      information about the NCBAA Southern
Roxboro, NC 27573                                                                Region, visit the Southern Region Web
(336) 599-1181, Ext. 267                                                         site at

                                                                                                                13651 - 9/06