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					Tea Effects - Green Tea, White Tea, Black Tea - Which Tea?
Everywhere you look these days you'll find some kind of food, beverage or
supplement that contains green tea. Drinking tea is becoming more and
more popular as the tea effects on our health are becoming more and more
evident. But it's not just green tea that is beneficial, there are more
kinds of tea than you can count. Which ones offer the best health
Tea itself is rich in antioxidants. Black, green and white teas come from
the leaves of the warm-weather evergreen tree, Camellia sinensis. The
leaves from this tree contain polyphenols, which are responsible for the
antioxidant properties in tea. It is these antioxidant levels in tea
that, as many studies have suggested, produce its amazing health
benefits. Believe it or not, tea ranks as high or higher in antioxidants
than many fruits and vegetables. There is a steady stream of research
that shows the antioxidants in tea fight everything from heart attack to
strokes to some cancers.
(Herbal tea does not come from the leaves of the Camellia plant and,
therefore, does not possess the same health benefits. In fact, most
herbal teas you find on the market today aren't even really tea, they are
merely infusions of herbs, flowers, roots, spices or other parts of
plants. Herbal teas are better known for the calming and relaxation
So how do you choose which tea is best? If you read up on any of these
teas -- black, green, white -- you'll find that they all offer tremendous
health benefits. Of course, the information abounds on the amazing health
benefits of green tea. A leading expert on longevity has referenced
clinical studies that show up to a 30% reduction in heart disease and
stroke in those who drink green tea regularly. Research has shown that
green tea is a natural cancer fighter. The compounds in green tea called
EGCG are shown to stop cancer cells from growing without side effects and
without attacking healthy cells.
What about the tea effects of white tea? White tea is quickly becoming
the most popular tea today. It is made from immature tea leaves that are
picked shortly before the buds have fully opened. It retains a higher
level of antioxidants than any other tea and has a mild, pleasant taste.
It is thought to have strong antibacterial and antiviral properties.
Is black tea as healthy as green tea? Some researchers say yes. Black tea
generally has a stronger flavor and more caffeine than the other teas and
it was previously believed that the fermentation process for black tea
weakened its health benefits. However, now it is thought that black tea
offers the same health benefits of green tea, especially when it comes to
helping reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.
So, green, white,'s a safe bet that adding any of these teas
to your diet would have a positive effect on your health. Experiment and
find which one you enjoy most or switch around for some variety. Tea
effects on your health are becoming more widely known and more promising
with each study.
Drinking a cup of tea is such a simple and pleasurable way to get amazing
health benefits. More miraculous tea effects are being discovered every
day. What a great way to improve your health!

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