Pu-erh Chai Iced Tea

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					Pu-erh Chai Iced Tea
What's not to like about Chai tea? This wonderfully spicy beverage is
enjoyable hot but really comes into its own when it is served as an iced
drink. Chai is actually the word for tea in many countries, including
Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe. There are several different varieties
of Chai, but one of the most delicious - and interesting varieties is Pu-
erh Chai.
Pu-erh is quite different from other varieties. It gets its name from the
province in China where it was harvested for the first time. It is made
from a variety of tea plant that has good-sized leaves. Pu-erh tea is a
green tea, but after it has ripened, it has been mistaken for a type of
black because of its color and how it looks after it is brewed. Pu-erh
chai is made from aged leaves, and the resulting liquor is a beautiful
dark color.
The spices in Pu-erh chai iced are usually cinnamon bark and cardamom
pods, and some also contain ginger root, star anise, black pepper and
cloves. These are combined for a tantalizingly delectable brew that seems
to be even more flavorful, if that is possible, when prepared and served
iced. Pu-erh has been subjected to a number of scientific studies, and it
has been shown to have health benefits that cannot be claimed by other
Pu-erh iced helps the digestion, especially if you have eaten fatty
foods. It seems that the metabolism of fat is improved after partaking of
Pu-erh. It also is believed to help your cholesterol levels to go down.
Some people have also claimed that Pu-erh will cause you to lose weight
if a glass of it is taken after every meal.
Their claim is that it does an excellent job of balancing the body and
helping the metabolism as a whole to function better. The reason that
this variety has health benefits that others do not is thought to be
because of the way it is fermented.
With Pu-erh Chai iced, you are also receiving the benefit of the spices
that the tea contains. They help to cool you in the summer, and warm you
in the winter. Iced Pu-erh Chai is quite uplifting because of the spices
that it contains, and seems to give your energy a boost, quite welcome in
the middle of the afternoon!
Some people prepare iced Pu-erh Chai as they would any iced mixture - by
placing some loose Pu-erh Chai in a ball, and then place the ball in the
bottom of a heat resistant pitcher. The next step is pouring some freshly
boiled water over the leaves, and allowing it to steep anywhere from
three to five minutes.
The ball is then removed, and the brew is sweetened slightly. In China,
Pu-erh Chai is enjoyed with no sugar at all, but a little sweetener
brings out the flavor of the spices quite nicely. The tea is then allowed
to cool almost to room temperature before it is poured over crushed or
cubed ice.
The best way to prepare iced Pu-erh Chai is to take a hint from the many
tea and coffeehouses around the nation that served chai as an iced latte.
A milky iced Pu-erh Chai is reminiscent of a latte, but tastes even
better! To prepare, heat half water and half milk to boiling, and place
your ball containing the Pu-erh Chai in the bottom of your pitcher. Bring
the water and milk mixture to a slow boil. If you try to boil it quickly,
the milk in the mixture will cause it to boil over and make a mess.
Pour the milk and water mixture over the Pu-erh Chai, and allow it to
steep for around three to five minutes. Remove ball, and allow to cool
enough so that your ice does not melt too much, and then pour the steeped
mixture over ice and enjoy!
Of course, if you are a iced latte lover, it is easy enough to use iced
Pu-erh Chai and prepare a wonderful latte for yourself at home. Here's
how! First, prepare a pot of Pu-erh Chai and allow to cool. Once cool,
fill an ice cube tray with the tea, and allow to freeze. Once you have
nice, firm ice cubes of Pu-erh chai, you are ready to make your latte.
You will need ¾ cup of brewed chai, ¾ cup of milk, about 2 tablespoons of
sugar (or more to taste) and one cup of Pu-erh chai ice cubes. Place all
ingredients in a blender and blend until the mixture is smooth. This
doesn't keep well out of a freezer, as it will melt quickly, so be sure
to serve it right after it is blended! This recipe should make one large
or two regular servings.
Jon Stout is Chairman of the Golden Moon Tea Company. For more
information about Iced Tea, tea clubs and green tea go to the Golden Moon
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