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Data Mining: Outsourcing Data Mining to Mine Data Accurately

By: Online Web Research Services
Date: October 19, 2010

In present competitive world, Data mining helps organizations and businesses to
improve profitability, good interaction with customers, finding fraud, and improve
risk management. At Online Web Research Services we provide highly accurate,
timely and 100% confidential data mining services.

Online Web Research Services is very different from other offshore outsourcing
companies because of its unique methodology of working, friendly behavior and
process efficiency. Our data mining solutions and services have work positively and
effectively for our global clients. Our knowledge of data mining statistics software
and experience in many industrial verticals makes us the most favorite for
outsourcing data mining. Our data mining services can also help you in reach exact
and rapid decision making and controlling cost.

We provide data mining services in filed such as healthcare, commercial, social,
airlines, automobiles, banking, financial, telecoms, retail and others.

Here are some data mining services that we offer:

= Gathering data from websites and entering it in to excel spreadsheets
= Searching the web, creating lists of target websites, and collecting information
from various sites
= Searching online newspapers for the latest pricing information
= Gathering precise and updated information about pricing of competitors
= Extract meta data from websites
= Extracting news stories from online news sources

Outsourcing data mining to us have many important benefits for your
business. Some of few are given below:

= Increase your business revenues and reduce 60% operational costs
= Quality levels with an accuracy rate of 99.98%
= Stringent privacy and confidentiality measures in place
= Fast Turnarounds
= 24x7 hour customer support for communication to solve any queries and keep you
updated on progress
= Free data mining trial to ensure our quality and cost-effectiveness before
outsourcing complete project to us
= Maintenance of Database

Contact us to outsource data mining. Share your requirements with us on and we will contact us within the next 24
hours. Get a free quote from:

About Online Web Research Services

Online Web Research Services is leading BPO Company. We are providing quality data
collection, data mining, online web research etc with 99.98% accuracy.

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