Comparative Ethnic Studies Conce by wuyunyi


									                  Comparative Ethnic Studies Program
                            Requirements for the Concentration

Name: _____________________________________________________________

Uni: ____________________ Other Major/Concentration: _______________________

Telephone number: ___________________ Expected Graduation (MM/YY): __________

Campus or Mailing Address: ______________________________________________

A minimum of 24 points is required for the completion of the concentration. The following core
courses are required: W1010 and W1012. Students should plan to take additional courses in the
following categories:

Courses Taken                                       Semester/Year                 Grade
   W1010 Introduction to Comparative Ethnic Studies
   W1012 The History of Racialization in the U.S.

Racial/ethnic groups (one course)

Gender (one course)

Comparative (three courses)

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I certify that this student has completed all the requirements for a concentration in Comparative
Ethnic Studies.

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