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									Renting Out your Belize Real Estate

So, you own a nice vacation home in Belize; but since you're not exactly in Belize, only a
caretaker is in your house probably enjoying himself and getting paid at that! Now this
is a perfect opportunity to earn even when you're away from your home in Belize. A lot
of people who own a house or a condo unit in Belize are having their place rented out to
tourists. It seems just practical for others rather than renting a hotel, and of course there
are those who want to save money. Who wouldn't want to experience a stay in
beachfront house for a fraction of a cost in Belize? Maintaining a house costs a lot and
having it rented once in a while wouldn't be so bad.

If you have a decent beachfront house where you stay during vacations in Belize, then
you can have it rented out for a reasonable price. A lot of vacationers would want that
for sure. This is also one of the best ways of living in Belize.

There are expats who bought a fairly huge property in Belize and built about two
houses there with one for the purpose of having it rented out and the other to be lived in
by them. For those who have a rather huge house with a few rooms to spare, you can
post a “room for rent” ad and this would be most favorable to tourists who are on a tight

For those who want to make this sideline business as their main, then they can easily
secure a business permit. All they have to do is go to the town's office and ask around
how to go about this. Taxes aren't exactly high in Belize that is why it is very well-known
as a tax haven, especially for those who want to retire.

Before renting out your place, one must understand that in different places, like Corozal,
Placencia and Ambergris Caye, prices will differ greatly; with Corozal being the
cheapest. The prices will depend on where the property to be rented is located. The goal
is actually to give tourists and vacationers more value for their hard earned cash. To
compete with the others, one must lower the rental cost at one's place in order to be
favored from other competitors. Make your price enough to cover your own costs and
maybe 20%-30% of profit only.

If you are not in Belize and only have your caretaker in your beloved rest-house, then
tourists don't have to pay your caretaker directly. In our modern society, tourists can
pay you online through their credit card and any third party money wire transfers. This
way they don't have to give your caretaker the money and tempt your caretaker to do
something inappropriate and deceive you with your earnings. We trust our caretakers
but we can't be too naïve and trust them completely with everything. Preventing these
kinds of events will protect not only you, but your caretaker as well.

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