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									Dyson Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner
In this article we'll take a closer look at Dyson bagless upright vacuum
cleaners and unravel the advanced technology that Dyson utilizes in each
of their upright vacuum cleaners. Dyson upright vacuum cleaners come in
two different types- the standard upright vacuums and the upright vacuum
cleaners with patented "ball" technology. The standard upright vacuum
cleaner from Dyson utilizes Root Cyclone technology to separate dirt from
the air thanks to the centrifugal force. This patented technology ensures
that no suction power is lost as you vacuum.
The upright vacuum cleaners with ball technology sits on a ball to
maneuver around furniture and hard to reach obstacles. This motor is
enclosed within the ball, giving the machine a low center of gravity.
This makes it even easier to steer in all types of cleaning situations.
We all know how annoying those standard, rigid vacuum cleaners can be
when cleaning!
They simply do not offer a good enough reach for proper cleaning. There
is also another class of Dyson upright vacuum cleaner and that is the
animal models. These are specifically made for households that have
animals. The best animal vacuum cleaner in the world is Dyson's DC 17
absolute. This vacuum cleaner out-cleans all other vacuums thanks to the
Level 3 Root Cyclone technology. This vacuum is certified by the British
and American Foundation of Asthma for outstanding cleaning and removal of
typical household allergens.
This model also includes the quick draw telescope reach wand for easy
cleaning in difficult situations. The wand actually reaches up to 17 feet
Dyson vacuum cleaners utilizes bagless technology. There is a clear bin
in the middle of the vacuum cleaner and you can actually see the dirt and
other particles inside this bin as it is accumulating. All you need to do
when you are ready to get rid of the garbage is remove the bin from the
machine and empty in the trash. It's that simple really! You will never
be required to purchase any type of vacuum cleaner bag again! This will
end up saving you money in the long term.
The design on every Dyson model is incredibly futuristic looking. Very
sleek, stylish and even sexy accents are incorporated into the design
aspect of Dyson model vacuum cleaners. The DC 17 absolute comes in Animal
version and a special edition Asthma and Allergy edition. Dyson is
perhaps the last vacuum cleaner you'll ever need.
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