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					Top 10 Helpful iPad Tips

iPad, inheriting many of the great characteristics and qualities of

iPhone and iPod touch, up till now is quite unique unto itself. How

to enjoy your iPad in a much easier way, here are the top 10 useful

tips for you.

Tip 1. Save Images from the Web

While viewing a web page in Safari and getting pictures you like,

just tap and hold your finger on the images, buttons will pop up to

let you save them to your Camera Roll in the Photos app.

Tip 2. Arrange Icons

Tap and hold your finger down on any icon, and the icon will start

shaking. Then drag it into another spot on the Home screen. Or, to

another Home screen. Or, into the Dock.

Tip 3. Access iPod Controls Instantly

You can access the iPod controls instantly when a song is

playing-even when you’re using another app. Click the Home button

two times quickly, then a small window will open with controls to

pause and play the song, and go to the previous or next song.
Tip 4. Read PDF and ePub Files in iBooks
PDF and ePub formatted files are readable in iBooks. Copy your

PDF or ePub books and documents into iTunes on your Mac. Sync

and then check them in iBooks.

Tip 5. Type a Full Stop, Fast
When you type text, instead of typing a full stop at the end of a

sentence and then a space, just quickly duble-tap the Space Bar, then

a full stop and a space is typed automatically.

Tip 6. Use Automatic Apostrophes
There is no need to type an apostrophe for many common

contractions. For instance, type "dont" and iPad will automatically

suggest and use "don’t".

Tip 7. Turn-On Caps Lock
Go to Settings app, tap General, and then tap Keyboard to open its

settings. Tap the switch to Enable Caps Lock. Now, as soon as you

double-tap the Shift key, you'll be in Caps Lock mode. Tap the Shift

key again to exit Caps Lock mode.
Tip 8. Cut, Copy & Paste

Double-tap to select a word. Drag selection handles select more

word in the selection. Click Cut or Copy. To paste, hold your finger

on a location where you want to paste the text, then click Paste. You

could also create another selection and tap Paste to replace the

selected text with the cut or copied text.

Tip 9. Locate Concealed Punctuation Keys

There are some punctuation keys hiding "behind" other keys. On the

Number keyboard, for example, hold down on the apostrophe key,

you'll see the curly versions of single quotes.

Tip 10. Power-off and Restart Your iPad.

When an app hangs or you can't connect to a Wi-Fi network,

powering-off and restarting your iPad can sometimes be helpful.

Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the red slider appears.

Drag the slider to the right and the iPad will power-off. Press the

Sleep/Wake button again to power-on the iPad.

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