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									Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner
It's hard to say what is the best upright vacuum cleaner as there is so
much choice nowadays. However one factor that is often overlooked is the
weight of the vacuum - with an upright cleaner it's something we don't
often think about as you don't expect to carry it.
This is often a big mistake never mind that you may need to carry it up
and down stairs - the weight is also an issue just pushing it around.
Simply put an upright vacuum cleaner that is too heavy for you is not a
very good purchase.
The Dyson range of upright vacuum cleaners are well known - they
consistently win awards and plaudits for the innovative technology that
features in all their vacuum cleaners. If you are considering a Dyson
upright vacuum cleaner though you should definitely check out the weight
if you think this might be an issue for you - because many have very
powerful motors and filters many weigh over 15 kgs. This doesn't sound
too much but lifting a long upright vacuum cleaner weighing 15kgs can be
quite a struggle for many people.
Fortunately if you do want one of the best upright vacuum cleaners on the
market and weight is an issue - there is one Dyson that might be perfect
for you. The Dyson DC24 is the lightest upright vacuum cleaner that the
company manufactures - it weighs only 5.4 kgs - it is also very compact
and a very nice feature is the handle which pushes down when not in use
making it very easy to store.
The Dyson DC24 has all the usual features with no need for a bag or lots
of expensive filters. If you've never used one before you're bound to be
impressed with the motorised brush bar which agitates the dust to help
clean. Another advantage of the Dyson DC24 is the fact that this brush
bar can lifted up so that you can clean hard floors and rugs quickly and
easily also.
This Dyson is also extremely good for people with allergies and asthma as
the built in HEPA filter extracts lots of particles from the air which
can cause problems such as pollen and even cigarette smoke.
If you'd like to read more about one of the best upright vacuum cleaners
on the market. Please visit the link below for a list of features of the
Dyson DC24.
Dyson DC24

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