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The Best Clam Chowder


									The Best Clam Chowder
The best clam chowder I ever tasted was at a small restaurant in
Sacramento. It was so tasty, I asked the chef for the recipe. Of course,
he didn't give it to me, but I was determined to make this mouth watering
chowder. Could I create this wonderful recipe by taste, "I asked myself?"
The first few attempts to make this recipe were mediocre at best. There
was one ingredient that provided a wonderful flavor to this seafood
chowder that I wasn't familiar with. After purchasing every herb and
spice that I did not have, I discovered the secret herb.
The aromatic herb was called Tarragon. Its aroma is similar to anise. The
French use this flavorsome herb as one of the main ingredients for their
famous Béarnaise sauce. Once I added this herb to my clam chowder, I had
recreated the best clam chowder that I ever had.
Here's the recipe: First you make a fish stock. I usually buy a whole
fish, any kind will do, and after cleaning and filleting it, I throw it
in a pot of boiling water. Add carrots, thyme, celery salt and pepper and
prepare a day or two before you need it. I won't be given you many exact
measurements, because your challenge is to figure out how much of each
ingredient to use in your own great clam chowder.
Half and Half
Chicken Stock
2 tablespoons flour to make rue
Salt & Pepper
Carrots chopped small
Celery chopped smal
Onions chopped small
Red Potatoes
1-2 Cans Clams and Juice
Cooking First, peel and quarter several potatoes and boil in fish stock
until stock is reduced and potatoes are done. Take potatoes out of stock
and put in blender. Add some fish stock to the blender and blend until
smooth. Put aside until rue is complete.
Make the rue: Sauté your onions in butter and add carrots and celery,
then add clams and sauté. Add 2 table of flour and stir to start making a
rue. Add sherry and stir.
Add your clam juice, half and half and some chicken stock. Also, add some
tarragon to taste. Your chowder will start to thicken. Add your blended
potatoes and simmer until done. Be sure to add enough salt and pepper to
taste. Enjoy your creation!
Chef Vinny DiLeo is very passionate about cooking. You can find some of
his award winning Italian recipes at his website at:

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