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Danish Side Dish


									Danish Side Dish
Whilst my husband was working in Denmark he stayed at a small family run
hotel. He was given a delicious side dish one evening and wanted to know
how it was made. Unfortunately he didn't speak Danish and the waiter
didn't understand a word of English. He knew what was in the dish, but
not the quantities.
On arriving home he decided to have a go at recreating it. After several
attempts he came up with a winning combination. We've called it "Bazzers'
Danish Bacon" and he's convinced it actually tastes better. The bacon and
asparagus compliment each other perfectly. It's a great little side dish
to accompany any meat especially chicken and is just as delicious sliced
and served cold with salad.
What you'll need:
1 Bunch asparagus (10 spears)
4 Rashers unsmoked streaky bacon
2 Large eggs
Extra virgin olive oil
4 tbsp milk
Black pepper
Rinse the asparagus under cold running water and pat dry, cut off any
woody stems.
Use a small amount of olive oil to grease an oven proof dish; I use a 6"x
4" dish that holds 3/4 pint of liquid.
Line the inside of the dish with the bacon to cover completely.
Lay the asparagus in the dish.
Whisk the eggs with the milk until frothy and pour the egg mixture over
the asparagus.
Season with black pepper, you won't need to salt as there's enough in the
Put into a pre heated oven gas mark 6/400ºF/200ºC, middle shelf for about
30 mins.
When cooked, remove from oven and using oven gloves, put a small plate on
top of the dish and carefully turn over.
Cut into 1" slices and divide between 2 plates, slightly overlap the
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